Regularly drinking water can boost our thinking capacity, rejuvenate our skin and help us to lose weight, yet the prospect of keeping a glass or bottle close by remains distinctly unappealing to many because water just isn’t, well, fun. You can take a cup of tea or coffee for the flavor and the wake-up appeal, but the caffeine’s not so beneficial in the long run; you can drink fruit juice, but it tends to be sugary, and more than a glass or two is plenty for most people’s taste. Water is the giver of life, and can be drunk freely throughout the day – two liters or more is fine. But if you want to make it more appealing, you’re going to need to get a bit more inventive with some of the other stuff you’ve got going on in your kitchen – and we’ve found an infographic that’s here to help.

From a pomegranate and ginger punch, that’ll get your afternoon off to a flying start, to a ‘Fennel Fizzer’ to take the place of your regular white wine in the evening, it doesn’t take much to spice up a glass of H2O. Most of these recipes just require some slicing and stirring, although there are some longer infusions on offer too. And the best thing is, once you’ve tried them all you’ll have a far better idea of the physics and the mixology behind inventing your own perfect water cocktail. Keeping a jug of water at your desk need never be boring again!

How to pimp up a glass of water

How to pimp up a glass of water [Infographic] brought to you by Budget Direct Life Insurance


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