Show Your Baby How Much You Love Them

If you have been a parent for a while, you must know that there’s no such thing as a parent’s handbook.

It’s a relationship in which you grow onto your child with time by caring, adoring, and loving them to bits and pieces.

Children are born innocent and naive and could be very sensitive about what you say and how you behave with or around them.

No kid is born crazy after expensive toys and gifts or can know the value of emotions and love unless you teach them. That is why parents need to invest more than just money in the upbringing of children to strengthen the bond between them.

What they should do from the start is to try and make their children feel relaxed and comfortable when around them. A baby deserves to feel the warmth of their love just by being in their presence.

Paying attention to small details and involving them in activities like cooking or dancing can help parents learn a lot more about the nature of their baby.

But it is better to be patient instead of imposing your likes and dislikes onto them till you know your baby well because every child isn’t the same.

Some children need you to drive them into situations from which they can learn and grow, while others would only need you to point them the right way.

Some children would be playful and energetic, while others could be timid. So you should give them some space and time to open up and express themselves.

Some parents don’t realize this and end up distancing their children from them. It is mainly because of the absence of their physical footprint in their child’s life. Parents need to spend more time with their children in places with the opportunity to explore and discover their affinities.

A great start to this could be from the baby expo in Sydney, which helps kids to latch onto things and then leave them as they grow out of them.

All parents need to do is introduce their babies to such a setting and let them wander off to places and things which call out to them. It is a great way to develop the personality of your baby naturally.

Besides this, here are some more subtle ways to show your baby how much you love and care for them. After all, these are things that matter most to a baby.


Your child deserves to be appreciated and complimented now and then on the little things that they do. Encourage them by praising their work or thanking them for their efforts to be a good kid. Don’t let their small efforts go unnoticed.

If possible, even celebrate their little quirks while doing these things to make them feel supported. An appreciation can go a long way if you instill this from a young age.


Bedtimes are when babies are most relaxed. They are also when they most feel the presence of a parent around them.

It’s a good idea to read them a story, let them snuggle in bed with you, or spend a few extra minutes as they doze off to sleep. This way, they feel more secure when around you.


Unfortunately, parents have started to think that surprises only mean buying expensive gifts for their babies, but that is not the case. You can even surprise your baby with little tricks and treats, or even perhaps a trail of your personality.

Prepare a post-dinner treat for them when you can, wake them up with a kiss, leave a note in their lunch telling them that you love them. All these are surprises great enough to turn the mood around.


It is very crucial to provide your baby with a good pair of listening ears. Young children often cave in and turn secretive in the face of a bad situation. That is why you need to ask them as many questions about their day as you can.

The most important one being whether they are alright or not. It will make them feel that they don’t need to face the world alone, and you have their back to cushion a fall.


The best ways to connect with any child include having a language of love to communicate with them. Come up with your unique traditions and plans depending on the day, and let them feel like they are in control.

It may be imaginary, but it can facilitate a more vibrant outlook on life. Cherish this time that you spend with them and make them feel that they are special for you.


These were some elementary practices that you can adopt to connect with your baby on a personal level and express what they mean to you.

Don’t limit yourselves with these options, as the possibilities grow every day like your children but try to maintain a balance.

Sometimes, even the excess of an element can spoil the recipe of perfect delight.

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