Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are born to live in tough conditions, cold weather and are built for endurance. These independent dogs are intelligent and athletic creatures, and you may be forgiven if you think they are docile animals, but a closer look and encounter will tell you that these dogs can have a stubborn edge which will make them not so easy to train.

They are well known to be pack animals, and as such, will often challenge your leadership. To keep your Husky happy, you need to understand their temperament so that they can be trained well. Follow these steps to make sure that your Husky looks to you and obeys you in all things.

  • Assert your leadership: Just like wolves, Huskies are pack dogs and follow an Alpha dog. If you seem weak to them, you’ll never be able to train them well as they will not listen to your commands. As Huskies are strong willed dogs, not training them properly can turn out to be quite disastrous. Never treat them as equals as they only respect and follow an ‘Alpha’.
  • Follow ‘Respect Training’: This is a very effective way of training your husky. Rewarding your husky for good behavior allows your furry friend to remember the treats they get if they do a certain action a certain way. The reward system also helps your dog from following your commands without being fearful or scared of discipline. Just be sure to give the treats out quickly so they understand that they are being rewarded for good behavior. Waiting too long can be confusing for them.
  • Avoid violence in the discipline: Just like how we don’t like learning anything when violence is used, similarly, these intelligent dogs do not do well if violence is used. However, dogs need to learn that bad behavior won’t be tolerated, and this is why the reward system is so effective. You can control their bad behavior by restricting their access to their favorite toys, playthings, treats and even affection. They need to learn what is acceptable and what is not. Be firm in your commands – and always remember to be the Alpha male.
  • Use simple words for commands consistently: You should be consistent in the commands you use so that they can become familiar with them in order to recognize and obey them.
  • Have a fixed schedule: They need to get used to your environment, especially when they are puppies, and sticking to a fixed schedule removes chances of surprises. They become comfortable and relaxed when they follow the same schedule daily, which helps to reduce stress levels and increases trust.
  • Always be Calm: Huskies can be highly excitable dogs and you can only excite them further if you lose your temper. You run the risk of making them hyper as well as lose focus on the lesson you are trying to teach them.

Your Siberian Husky is a highly intelligent creature who understands and respects leadership and strength. Like a true leader, give your commands firmly but gently, and after a while, you will see the rewards of your efforts.

About The Author:

Tomas is a passionate pet writer and consultant. When he’s not behind his laptop helping people how to train and treat their pets you can find him hiking local mountains or walking his own dog.

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