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Sleep is known as one of the indispensable activities of daily life. Averagely, a person will spend one-thirds of life to sleep. This time will provide you more energy and power to start a new day. However, according to Nation Sleep Foundation report, both the young and adult can get low quality sleep which is affected by factors such as air, temperate, noise or basic facilities including a bed, pillow, and mattress for side sleepers. In fact, to have a great sleep, your diet also plays a key role. Besides reading some side sleeper reviews to find the good facilities, it is necessary for you to provide full of nutritious substance. This article is mentioned some vegetable and other food items to help you have a deep sleep.

  1. Cherries

Cherries are not only tasty but also bring you some healthy benefits. This natural fruit is one of the best source of melatonin, one kind of hormone which helps us adjust sleep cycle in the best way.

In fact, according to a search, people who drink two cherry juice every day have 40 minutes longer sleep than others. Eating cherries or drinking their juice can help to increase antioxidant activity, provide vitamin A, C. Besides, in a cherry, there are just 90 calories, so they are suitable for dieters. Therefore, you can eat dry cherries every day or drink cherries juice before sleep to get a deep sleep.

  1. Bananas

Besides cherries, bananas- popular fruits also have benefit for your sleep.The magnesium reduces the stress and helps us have slept without disturbances, a mixture of magnesium and Kalie will relax your muscle which creates the best comfortable condition for your sleep. Eating a banana in every morning not only provide you more energy but also help you relax at night.

Besides eating, you can also cook banana and use that water as drinking which replaces pure water. This is also a good way helping your sleep.

  1. Walnuts

Walnuts are also one of the fruits containing full of melatonin which help you have a deeper sleep. Walnuts are also considered as the king of nuts for healthy benefits, The amount of antioxidant substance in walnuts are twice time more than other nuts. Besides, protein, Vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, essential oils, and minerals are also found in this kind of nuts. To sleep better, you can use the Walnuts as snacks in the evening to have a nice sleep.

  1. Cereals

These foods contain a significant amount of protein- one of important substance in the process of producing melatonin. According to the nutritious American magazine, you should consider buying cereals or other food which contain proteins such as potatoes, bread and so on. This food not only helps you feel good about your sleep but also implement nutritious substance to the body.

  1. Herbal tea

Some teas such as herbal teas like daisies, chrysanthemum, and ginseng have the function of cooling, relaxing, being less anxiety to help you easier to sleep. Besides, their fragrance also eliminates stress, get metal comfort and increase memory. This is one of the ideal choices for you before sleeping.

  1. Warm milk

One of secret weapon of insomnia people is warm milk. This drink is considered as one of the natural methods to improve the quality of sleep and also provide nutritious substance for our body. The amino acid in tryptophan will stimulate muscle produce necessary hormones to sleep better.

  1. Honey

Using honey can increase blood sugar which reduces the production of orexin in the brain. Orexin is a recently discovered neurotransmitter that is involved in alertness. You can use the mixture of honey to enjoy it for a quicker sleep. Besides honey, you can also use some sweet snack before sleeping; they also have the same function like honey so that you can get the equal result.


Besides providing this food for your body, you should not eat them immediately when you are going to sleep. Because if you eat something too late, your digestive system must work harder to digest that food. Therefore, if your body must work hard even during your sleep, your body can be affected by your sleep. Besides, you should keep the comfortable statute, do not think much about a load of work. Before sleeping, you can have some mild exercise to stretch your muscle to relax. Some hi-tech devices should be kept away from you to make sure you have a deep sleep without the noise of them.

In conclusion, some fruits such as cherries, bananas, walnuts or cereals, honey, herbal tea can give you melatonin which is considered as one of substance for the sleeping process. Hope with this article, you have some basic information to sleep better.

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