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The natural curls look awesome if you wear them the right way. But having curly hair takes a lot of care though they look great when you are finished. So, rather than straightening your curls, embrace them.

Curls deserve their reputation for needing a lot more as they are easily affected by any change in humidity while split ends can be more of a problem.

If you are looking for ways to take care of your curls, then you are in the right place.

So, without any further ado, let us have a look at some easy tips to take care of your curly hair naturally.

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1. Choose your shampoo wisely

Just compare your curly hair with fine cashmere. You wouldn’t probably wash your cashmere sweater with any harsh detergent. So, you must not use harsh shampoo to cleanse your curls.

Rather you must go for a mild shampoo or a low lather conditioner to refresh your hair and scalp without removing too much of the natural moisture. You can also dilute your shampoo if you feel the need to do so.

2. Go easy on the heat

Too much heat can cause your curls to lose their natural spiral-like shape which makes them look completely lifeless. So, avoid using any kind of heat including the blow dryer with the diffuser. Using automatic curling iron can help give your curls a fine touch up though.

Try to rehydrate your curls to give them their natural bounce back. If you have to use the hot styling tools, put them to moderate heat settings, and never forget to use a heat protectant.

3. Minimize brushing

Though it might go against what your mum taught you, do not brush your hair. Aggressively brushing the curly hair will put out the natural curl and you will provoke frizz.

If you have to unpick any tangle, do it when the hair is wet, and that too using a wide-toothed comb. Start from the bottom part and work your way up if you want to prevent any breakage.

4. Apple cider vinegar natural rinse

If you are facing any problem in detangling your curls just because of how easily they get knotted up, then apple cider vinegar is the answer for you.

The pH of apple cider vinegar closes and flattens out the hair cuticle which makes the hair smoother and easy to comb and detangle.

All you need to do is mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a few drops of lavender oil in a mug of cool water. Pour the solution on your head after shampooing it.

Let it stay for a few minutes and then rinse it off with water. Using this natural tip along with automatic curling iron can be very helpful.

5. Hot oil hair massage

Hair massage helps the hair grow faster while strengthening them. If you massage your hair using olive, coconut, and olive hot oils, you can lock moisture and decrease frizzing of your curly hair.

Just mix the oils and warm them for 2 to 3 minutes and cool them to a comfortable hot temperature. Now just apply it throughout your hair from roots to the top. You can also wrap your hair in a hot towel to enhance the massage effect.

Massage your hair once a week to get pleasure from your lovely curls.

6. Use a diffuser

If you really have to use a blow dryer, never forget to use a diffuser attachment with it. The diffuser will diffuse the hot air so that it does not get concentrated at any particular spot. This will help your hair dry evenly while keeping your curls as they are.

7. Keratin for stronger hair

If you want strong and healthy curls, you must use a Keratin hair mask regularly. There are various other products that can keep your curls intact such as frizz control serums, oils, sculpting gels, etc.

You can use a T-shirt rather than a towel to dry up your hair and a satin pillowcase instead of a cotton pillowcase to protect your curls from damage.


Allurium Beauty offers women hairs growth products that work. Curly hairs demand more moisture so never forget to apply a good conditioner regularly. So, these were some of the tips you can implement to keep your curly hair healthy and strong while flaunting your curls.

Note that the natural treatment may not show up immediate results as chemical hair products, but they are the best choice if you want stunning curls.

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