Fitness Workout From Home

Normally, people associate workouts with a lot of strenuous cardio or even hours of resistance training or even spending a lot of time in the gym.

However, the truth remains that you can successfully carry out your fitness regime even at home. With the advent of the ‘New Normal’ or work-from-home environment, exercising at home will significantly play an indispensable role in our day-to-day lifestyle.

The main point that should be kept in mind while carrying out these exercises at home is that one should have a high level of dedication, commitment, and consistency.

It is only then you will be able to see and witness a drastic change in your body. Starting with basic cardio exercises is certainly the best way to regularize your workouts at home.

Here is a set of 7 fitness workouts that you can seamlessly carry out even while being in your comfort zone. If you ace these, your motivation will then compel you to reach another challenging level.

One tip before starting these is that try to focus on increasing your muscle mass and start with a few basic exercises.

1. Practice push-ups with perfection 

 Pushups must be done in perfect form. You can start with a slight modification initially like dropping your knees on the ground or taking support but switch on to the next level soon. Slowly, you will realize that you can control your body.

2. Lunges help you support your back

The best way to start lunges is to proceed with the back lunges. These are beneficial if you are planning to build your glute, hip, or even thigh muscles. Before starting off front lunges, gain mastery by keeping a chair which will help you to maintain your balance. 

3. Easily carry out your squats  

Squats are said to be one of the most popular exercises that can be done anytime and anywhere. The squat is one such workout that is responsible for shaping your lower body.

One thing that we often forget while doing squats is we must put our feet hip-distance apart. It is just done in a way that you are sitting on an imaginary chair.

4. Play with planks for a toned body

Planks are said to be the toughest exercise but easiest to carry out at home. Planks help you to strengthen the abdominal muscles especially those that support your back.

Initially, you can start by holding a plank position for 15 seconds and then gradually exceeding 30 followed by 60 and 90 seconds.

5. Skipping-The no-nonsense workout

Some of us might feel that skipping is a cakewalk but it should be done in the right way so that it gives you the desired results. It is said to be a no-nonsense workout by experts.

Researchers have found out that 10 minutes a day with the rope is similar to 30 minutes of jogging. Indeed, it is one of the most effective forms of cardio. 

6. Building your body with biceps curl 

Whenever you start doing bicep curls remember to stand with feet hip-distance apart. You must carry one dumbbell in each hand.

The key point is to maintain a good sturdy posture as you raise and lower the weights while bending your elbow properly. You can also increase the weight at a later stage.

7. Don’t miss out on your “Lateral Raises”

Begin this workout while holding a light dumbbell in each hand. After that, gradually lift the dumbbells out to the side and ensure that they reach your shoulder’s height. If you are having problems, in the beginning, start with a lower weight and then proceed with a heavyweight.

Physical workouts and especially cardio exercises are quite important when it comes to your health. All the exercises help you release endorphins which are the main component of your happiness.

To have a steady mind, especially during the unprecedented times of the pandemic, you should work on physical and mental well-being.

Have a balanced and regular exercise schedule where you ensure that you carry your workout two to three times per week. In the beginning, keep your motivation high because that is the time when you will have a strong urge to give up.

Always remember that your body is the only place where you reside so it is your sole responsibility to nurture it in a proper way. Watch fitness videos, join like-minded online communities, and be spirited to achieve your goal.

In the end, you will notice that it is your strength and determination which will make you feel proud of yourself. The beginning is always the toughest but as they rightly say ‘Life is tough but so are you’.

Start today for a healthy and happy tomorrow.

About The Author:

With a passion for health and fitness, writer and blogger Bappa Kar makes it her mission to offer helpful, well-informed resources for athletes and those who are passionate about working from home. Read more of her work on My Home Workout Plan.

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