CBD Can Heal Your Scars

Scarring is a pretty common skin condition – everyone in some part of their lives has scars. When skin gets healed from the damage, what remains are scars.

Some people have no issues with small or big scars, and for some, this pesky scarring has affected their quality of life as some scars affect the mental and physical condition of some people. So it becomes integral to heal and remove scars permanently.

In recent years, many treatments have evolved from ointments to lasers. Yet! Cannabidiol (CBD) infused procedures are drawing a lot of attention.

Although we are beginning to venture into how CBD works on scarring, many studies suggest it might just have the right effects.

Following into it, here are seven amazing ways CBD can heal your scars.

1. Scarring

The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a molecular system responsible for regulating diverse biological functions in our bodies. It also plays a role in cell development and growth in most of our tissues, including the skin.

A new study has found ECS is deeply involved in the maintenance of skin, and deregulations of this system have led to skin disorders and diseases.

ECS is responsible for the formation and production of collagen cells (fibroblasts), which play a vital part in wound healing. CBD enhances the activity of ECS, which could potentially heal and reduce scar formation.

Applying a full-spectrum CBD topical lotion having Sativa Strains could speed up the healing process and reduce the visibility of scars.

2. Post Surgery Scars

The use of CBD-infused products can effectively treat Post-surgery scars and pain treatment.

When tissues in your skin are damaged, ECS releases a series of chemical compounds to heal the wound.

The compounds act as a relief agent to the damaged tissues. The receptors of cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 attach themselves to these chemical compounds resulting in rapid relief to scar tissues.

CBD can make a huge difference in the appearance of surgical scars. They not only repair scars faster but also help in relieving pain. Hence they are widely used in cosmetic surgeries. Make sure to buy CBD products from top brands like CBDfx.

3. Acne Scars

Acne scars are one of the most common skin conditions that affect the majority of people.

They are the result of pimple inflammation or lesions. CBD acts as a double agent – it can heal the scar and also prevent the formation of scars by reducing acne.

Applying or consuming CBD can reduce sebum production and calm the activity of sebaceous glands. The results of the skin will be less clogged up, and it will dramatically reduce the formation of oil, resulting in the reduction of acne.

Acne Scars

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With acne tamed down, there will be harsh effects of deep scarring on the skin.

Infusing CBD in your daily skincare routine will lessen and fade the scars over time – as CBD will activate ECS to repair the existing scars giving you relief from pesky acne issues.

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4. Bruising and Stretch Marks

Bruising is nothing but after the effects of skin trauma. The injury damages small blood vessels known as capillaries and the blood traps inside the skin.

CBD can effectively treat bruising due to its ability to trigger endocannabinoids at a faster rate.

Stretch marks are scarring caused when the skin is pulled and stretched. There are ongoing studies showing positive results of CBD being able to fade stretch marks.

CBD may improve the skin’s elasticity by boosting collagen production and reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

5. Heal Injuries of Internal Organs

Epithelial tissues are protective surfaces of the internal organs and blood vessels. ECS plays a considerable role in maintaining the health of the epithelial tissues.

When there are damages or injuries to the tissues, the ECS releases endocannabinoids compounds to repair the damage.

Studies have shown that CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to alleviate inflammation in the tissues and increase the rate of mending wounds alongside ECS.

Consuming CBD for such injuries could be beneficial as the healing effects will be enhanced two times, leaving less scarring.

6. Burns

Egyptian texts which date back to 1330-1700 BC have noted the use of CBD oils for treating external inflammation and infection.

The notes also talk about the herbal medicines used as antiseptic using CBD. These properties make CBD a remedy to treat burns. You can also use CBD capsules for chronic pain of burns.

CBD restricts the spread of damaged cells and supports the regeneration of cells. The direct application of CBD on the burnt skin will help regulate collagen production and may change the texture and appearance of the scar tissue. The burnt scar tissue won’t heal entirely but may reduce the scarring up to an extent.

7. Wound Healing

Now you know the interaction between CBD and ECS causes the rapid repair of scar tissues.

Studies have repeatedly shown the CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, which help in healing wounds. One research performed by China Medical University showed that CBD helped to reduce swelling of wounds in animals and further found it also acts as an analgesic.

Wound Healing

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There are ongoing studies on searching the capacity of CBD in treating fatal wounds.

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One study published in ‘The Journal of Pain and Symptom Management suggests CBD helped to treat a malignant lesion in a 44-year-old person. This study shows the potency of CBD in repairing wounds and scars.

My final thoughts are there is a lot of potential in CBD products to treat various ailments, which includes healing your scars.

There is a need for a much higher level of studies and research to establish the fact that CBD can help treat skin problems.

Although you can say that ECS definitely plays a part in healing your scars and there is quite a chance that CBD will help you, it is vital to discuss CBD treatment with your physician before use.

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