The bidet originates from France; it’s beginning was very crude. At first, it was merely a bowl that one had to squat over. It then evolves into a separate toilet that has faucets attached to it. By 1900’s it was an American toilet manufacturer who innovated the bidet into a porcelain bathroom device. Although, American culture did not patronize this instead they exported it to other countries.


A lot of countries has adapted to the use of the bidet. There are a lot of pros into switching to the use of the bidet which we will expound further below in detail. Here are the Top Seven Reasons For Having A Bidet At Home

1. Improves personal hygiene and provides better cleaning

Those dry bathroom toilet papers can leave someone with a feeling of being unclean. Wherein a bidet provides water that can remove any remains and dirt left on your skin in the rear area. Washing with a bidet gives you that incredible clean feeling instead of feeling dirty due to the usage of toilet papers. The bidets are most common in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. The USA is a country which is not a fan of having bidets in many homes, a lot of Americans have yet to see or use one.

2. Bidets are not harmful to the environment

Americans on an average would use approximately 57 sheets of toilet paper daily. And this adds up to 3 million tons in a year in the USA alone; this means 54 million trees are cut down to be able to supply this demand. On top of this, the manufacturing process for toilet papers requires enormous amounts of water.

Bidet use will reduce toilet paper usage, and this will be beneficial for our environment. When we factor in everything and calculate the cost of producing toilet papers they are more expensive than using the bidet instead. Certain parts of toilet paper manufacturing profoundly degrade the environment such as bleaching. The bleaching process is in use to manufacture toilet paper. This procedure produces a by-product namely dioxin which can cause cancer in both humans and animals. Hence, a bidet is a better choice.

3. Reduces Your Household Waste

Using the bidet is one great way of saving money at the same time help out the environment. The use of toilet paper will be very minimal if one uses a bidet, and the only time you will use it is while you’re in the bathroom drying off after cleaning. Aside from saving money, household waste also reduces because there will be less packaging to throw away when we buy less toilet paper.

4. Bidets offer skin care and comfort in use

Toilet papers when used to clean up can be rough on your skin and give you a most uncomfortable feeling. Unlike when using a bidet especially if you have some skin irritation that warm water is a welcome comfort. Certain rectal or anal conditions can give someone discomfort when using toilet paper. So if you have an anal fissure, anal prolapse, hemorrhoids, and other conditions near that area, then a bidet is a most practical and comforting choice.

When using a bidet, you can easily control the intensity and the temperature of the water stream. So one can adjust accordingly in soothing the rectal area without worry of rough pressure or rubbing that can cause inflammation and pain. The air dry function provides a mild caressing stream of warmth that doesn’t irritate one’s skin. People with disabilities and those advanced in age can benefit significantly from a bidet as it helps in doing away with skin irritation and other problems.

5. Prevent clogs and reduce plumbing problems

The use of the bidet helps reduce plumbing problems as well as preventing clog build up in the sewer pipes. Such cases of issues with plumbing would require professional help to get a fix. And this can be very costly as well a big hassle. Hence, the bidet is an answer to reducing and eliminating such problems.

6. Adds luxury to a bathroom

If you are aiming for state of the art yet luxurious bathroom but, you don’t have that big enough of space for a standalone bidet? There are lots of advanced luxury models of the bidet seats that can fit and suit your bathroom theme and also add value. Wanting a luxurious bathroom is but just reasonable, Everyone works hard for what they have so it’s perfectly okay to get yourself a reward. The bidet is one ultimate bathroom upgrade, Majority of people has a sink, shower, and a toilet in their bathroom, yet not everyone owns a bidet. People will be amazed and impressed the moment they walk into your bathroom, and they see a luxurious high-end bidet.

7. Bidets are cool and fancy

Being able to clean oneself merely with just a push of a button would make anyone feel like he or she is some royalty sitting on top of a porcelain throne. Bidets still categorize as a new concept in the United States. Currently, they are rapidly gaining more audience as people begin to understand its benefits. Bidet use contributes to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

In a nutshell- every bidet model in the market is different, and there are plenty of features that you can choose from when you buy this kind of an appliance.Some bidets contain a seat warming function; the majority provides warm water that is both able to cleanse and soothe. And we can even find specific models that have a mild air dry option once done with rinsing. Toilet paper can not clean you well enough unlike with water; you can be more prone to irritation as well as leaving behind residues in your rectal area.

Bidets make life much more comfortable. Keeping oneself clean and free from dirt after each use, saves money, and even fascinate your peers. If interested in acquiring your bidet for your bathroom, it is best to deal with experts. A company namely BidetGenius has a site you can visit, and on their website, you can go through different types of bidets and have them install it for you in your home.

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Walker is the person behind BidetGenius, a company that offers a wide range of bidet products may it be electrical or not. During his free time, he writes articles about the benefits of installing a bidet in the bathroom, something that most people neglect.


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