If you want to make yourself a delicious meal throughout your camping trip, it is certain that you cannot be short of the raw chopped vegetables and meat, coal grill, and a roll of aluminum foil.

If you have a small gas grill to carry, it is so good. In case you don’t have, it is no problem because you just need to put the ingredients in the aluminum foil, wrap them a tight way and place them over your coal grill. The rest one is to wait for everything cooked.

It sounds simple, right? Basically, to have a fun camping is not difficult, it is important that you have to know the way to get rid of the confusing situations – you forget to carry a pot or pan when camping, for example. Well, don’t worry! Right now, we will provide some tips for you to avoid that one.

No Pans or Pots – You Still Have a Campfire Meal with 7 Following Tips

You don’t want to miss out on the eggs or bacon for your camping trip, do you? Well, you can use a paper bag so as to cook them over an open fire. Or in case you’d like to get a lot of starch, some bannock along with water and flour are an ideal option for you.

If you want to experience the gathering type or hunter, you likely cook the raw meat and fish over the rocks, by using fire to preheat these clean flat rock. Or even, you get used to cooking the egg on the orange peel, don’t you? Well, it is sure that you will be experienced the easy ways to cook without pans and pots after reading these tips. Let’s see!

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1. Using Aluminum Foil Packets

Aluminum Foil Packets
It makes sure that you are utilizing the heavy kind. And then, you can use the foil packets to cook a couple of meals:

  • Hamburger meat
  • Sliced potatoes or vegetables
  • Dessert – pineapple cake, for example

Basically, you will put all the ingredients on the rectangle foil after wrapping all the sides in a tight manner in order to make sure that you don’t have any leakage. Then, you place them on the hot coal grill until they are entirely cooked.

2. Using a Brown Paper Bag

You can cook eggs and bacon with this paper bag.

  • It places some pieces of bacon on a brown paper bag.
  • On the top of your bacon, it cracks 1-2 raw eggs, depending on your need.
  • Now, you roll it to close the top of the bag after heating over the open fire for ten minutes.
  • It is enough 10 minutes, isn’t it? Well, removing it from heat, opening the bag, and enjoying it.

3. Using a Skewer

Using a Skewer
With a skewer, you can easily cook meat and vegetables you like. It is sure that you have prepared the cut meats or vegetables before camping. At that time, you only need to place them on the skewer and grill over the open fire.

4. Hotdogs

It is not difficult to make a campfire hotdogs, by mixing biscuit. Then, it wraps the uncooked hotdogs, skews them with the skewers, and heat over the fire. It is so simple, right?

5. Heating the Food on the Clean Flat Rock

It uses an edge of the campfire in order to heat the rock. Or simply, to heat these clean flat rock, you can dig a hole close to a campfire. By utilizing the rock, raw meat, fish, or any other raw foods can be heated an easy way.

6. Make Bannock

  • It mixes one cup of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder, and ½ teaspoon of salt in a bowl together.
  • It adds a little water as long as it gets ½ cups of dough.
  • It rolls the dough into the rope-shaped one and skews it in the skewers.
  • It holds over the open fire until browned.

7. Using the Orange Peel to Cook an Egg

What can you do with an egg and orange? Well, let’s follow me! First, you will empty your orange. Then, it cracks a raw egg into here. It will fully be cooked when you place it on the coal grill.

It believes that you can entirely camp anywhere though you don’t carry the pot, pan, or even some other kitchen appliances. With these tips, you may cook the campfire meal as desired. Happy camping enjoy!

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