Positive Mindset During Menopause

Going through menopause got you down?

It’s a big transition and one that can be tough to weather.

While it can be difficult to maintain a positive mindset during menopause, it can really help you cope with the big life change and help aid you in finding menopause relief.

Here are seven ways to embrace a positive mindset during menopause:

1. Educate yourself about menopause.

It’s hard to have a positive mindset on something you don’t know much about. The first step to consciously changing your mindset is to learn about menopause and what it entails.

While your primary care doctor may be able to provide you some information, they don’t always receive specific training in regards to menopause. If you need medical support, seeking out a menopause-certified gynecologist is probably your best bet.

There’s also lots of vetted information available online from trusted sources, including MedlinePlus and the National Institute for Aging.

While you do need to be careful evaluating the truth of information on the internet, it is the most convenient way to begin educating yourself about menopause.

Educate yourself about menopause

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2. Find a support network.

Even women going through menopause often keep quiet about it, as this women’s health issue is often seen as a “taboo” topic that shouldn’t be discussed.

As such, it can be tough to find women who understand what you’re going through. This is especially true if you are the first woman in your friend group to actually start going through menopause.

Seek out friends, both in-person and online, who are going through menopause and understand the phase of life you are in.

There are plenty of forums dedicated to menopause, and your doctor might be able to connect you with some local support groups as well. You might have to hunt for it a bit, but there is a support network out there for you!

3. Understand your personal experience.

No two people go through menopause the same way. Your experience is individual and unique. One of the best ways to ease your menopause experience is to tune into what symptoms you are experiencing and keep track of what triggers your hot flashes and other side effects.

You may wish to keep a journal of your symptoms or otherwise track them so you can look out for patterns.

While it can help to seek out people whose symptoms are similar to yours, remember that you are unique and no one else will match you exactly.

Understand your personal experience

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4. Take control of what you can.

One of the most stressful things about menopause is that something we often take for granted – our physical body – can feel really out of our control. It’s almost like going through puberty a second time, where you have zero say in your hormone fluctuations and how they make you feel.

Understandably, this can be really tough to cope with! In this situation, focus on what you can control instead. For instance, you can’t magically make yourself stop having hot flashes, but you can document your symptoms, identify your triggers, and try to avoid them.

If you experience vaginal dryness, you can use a vaginal moisturizer to help bring relief to the area. Even small changes can have a really big impact on how you feel physically and mentally during menopause.

5. Focus on the positives.

Many women find menopause a difficult transition to make, and they may mourn the loss of their ability to bear children.

However, many women also find it freeing to no longer have to deal with a menstrual period and to be able to have intimacy with their partners without fear of accidentally becoming pregnant.

Instead of dwelling on the negatives, try to focus on the positives and identify at least a few things you might enjoy about this new phase in life.

While menopause may seem endless, remember that it will end at some point, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

6. Manage your stress.

One of the things that will make your menopause worse – and make it tougher to maintain a positive mindset – is stress.

Not only is menopause itself stressful, but menopause itself comes during a life phase when women are often dealing with lots of career responsibilities on top of taking care of their children and potentially caring for aging parents as well.

With all these demands on you, managing your stress and keeping it in check becomes a top priority. Try to identify your top stressors and see if there are ways to delegate or minimize them.

For instance, if the weekly grocery shopping trip really stresses you out, you might be able to delegate that to your partner or one of your older children. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

Manage your stress

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7. Make self-care a priority.

Yes, self-care involves going to the doctor and taking your vitamins, but that’s not all it is.

Make sure that you are also carving out time for fun self-care activities such as going to the spa, reading a beloved book, and even taking a nap.

These periods of rest are super important for keeping stress in check and preventing menopause flare-ups. It’s also important to remind yourself that you are worth spending time on, even if those activities aren’t “productive” or “necessary.” You deserve a break as much as everyone else does!

If you’re struggling to stay positive during menopause, try one or more of these seven tips to see if they help.

Finding a support network really does make a huge difference, so we encourage you to find other women going through what you are!

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