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Everyone wants to be healthy, right now. We each wish we had a magic wand or a pill that would instantly change us into the healthiest version of ourselves, but we all know that is just a dream.

The only way to become a healthy person is with hard work, with dedication and motivation, and a few simple changes. The website has many different reasons to become healthy and how you can incorporate good eating habits and intense workouts into your day.

Below are 7 simple ways to start living a healthier life, right now.

1. Drink More Water

This may sound extremely simple, but it is one of the best things you can do right now for your body. Drinking more water, especially first thing in the morning will help rid your body of toxins.

Another benefit of more water drinking is to be and stay hydrated. Many people suffer from dehydration but don’t realize it. Headaches are a known side effect of being dehydrated, yet people reach for an aspirin or pain reliever when a glass of water would be better.

2. Use More Spices

Spice up your food with herbs and other spices. This is a tasty way to incorporate more nutrients and antioxidants into your daily meals.

Replace sugar and salt with spices and herbs without sacrificing the taste. Using spicy spices, like chili pepper flakes, on otherwise bland foods, can help to boost your fat-burning capabilities and the flavor of your meals.

When your meals taste better, you are more likely to eat them instead of fattening snacks and sweets. Add turmeric and black pepper to stews and burgers. This combination works well to fight inflammation as well as improve your digestive system.

3. Go to Bed

Many adults find themselves falling asleep on the couch watching television and then they don’t want to make the trek to the bedroom. Give yourself a bedtime and stick to it.

Set your alarm clock in the bedroom for a reasonable time after 10 pm. If you have to get up to shut the alarm off, you are more likely to go to bed right then and there.

Getting enough sleep will help you return to a healthy body and keep you motivated to remain healthy. Sleep helps to restore the body and rewind the mind to get ready for another day.

Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day and night, including the weekends. This will help to regulate your body and keep you healthy.

4. Simplify Your Life for Less Stress

One of the biggest disruptions to our health is stress. Although you can’t ignore it or escape from all of it, you can set yourself up, so you run into less stress.

Add buffers to your day. Don’t schedule meetings and activities back to back to back. Allow some time in-between activities to catch your breath. Actually, practice breathing between meetings is helpful to reduce stress and get you in a better frame of mind.

Meditation is a great way to settle yourself and become more prepared for what is to come. And there are many ways to meditate, not only being quiet and with a blank mind. Adult coloring books are a helpful meditation. (See also: Anti-stress Techniques: Watching Your Breathing)

5. Always Carry Healthy Snacks

If you always have a bag of healthy snacks on hand, you are less likely to grab something from the office vending machine. When the 3 pm slump rolls around, reach for nuts, fruit, and cheese, not cookies and candy.

Processed and sugary snacks only allow for a temporary boost of energy. Nuts, fruits and the like will give you long-lasting energy. If you snack on healthy foods throughout the day, you will keep your blood sugar at a level amount. This will help to avoid “crashes” in which your energy falls drastically.

Keep hard-boiled eggs and plain yogurt in the refrigerator for quick, cool snacks. Make your own oatmeal, almond butter, and nutballs, aka energy balls, to snack on when you feel low and your drive naturally dips.

Check the ingredients and contents of some of the “diet” and “energy” bars for they can contain a lot more sugar than what you would add yourself. (See also: 5 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss)

6. Pay Attention to Your Mental “Diet”

Choosing what you eat is only part of a good, all around diet. What you think and what you say to yourself are also important.

Whatever your thoughts are, amused, angry, scared, these thoughts trigger what’s called Neurochemical reactions in your body. This is the “fight or flight” sensation you feel.

Another important part of your mental diet is what you read, listen to, and subscribe to. Too much bad news and upsetting comments can have a negative effect on your mind and your beliefs could also suffer.

Begin by turning off the news more nights than you watch it. This will lessen your stress and help remove negative thoughts. Try a good novel or even a book of short stories. Feed your mind better than you have been and you will feel healthier and be more optimistic about your future.

7. Move More

Before starting off on a marathon, move a little more every day. Add several short bursts of exercise to your day, especially if you are in a sedentary position most of the day. Take a short walk around the office, or if it is nice outside, around the entire building.

Add the short bursts of movement several times a day to keep your blood moving and get your heart rate elevated. An elevated heart rate will help when you are in rest mode as well.

Once you have time to incorporate more exercise into your routine, be sure to stretch first. This is the number one reason people have cramps and injuries.

Start first thing in the morning with a good all over stretch as you get out of bed. If you are at a desk all day, try a few seated stretches. This will not only help your body but will help to clear your mind.

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