Workouts You Can Do With Your Children

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These days, toddlers and children spent lots of time watching TV and traveling in the car rather than walking to school and going outdoors to enjoy active hobbies. Not only can this prevent children from developing the necessary motor skills they need, but it can also prevent them from strengthening their muscles, lungs, and heart. As a result, they could end up living sedentary lifestyles, with the associated obesity that so often accompanies this lazy way of life. Evidence has shown, however, that children who grow up doing regular exercise are more likely to carry on fitting physical activity into their lives into adulthood, and this results in them being fitter, healthier adults. It’s never too early to start working out with your kids, so how can you help them to get started with exercise? If you’re struggling to get enough exercise yourself, let alone help your kids to workout, there’s a perfect solution – working out together! Here are some brilliant family workouts that you can enjoy together so you can all get fit and healthy while enjoying quality time. (See also: How to Get Better Results From Your Workouts)

Go For A Walk

Walking is something you can fit into any day of the week as long as you plan it into your schedule. One way to fit your daily walk into your life is to get a dog. Walking a pet can encourage sedentary kids to get up off the sofa and get out into the fresh air. It’s a lot of fun to take your dog for a walk, and running and chasing your furry friend will help you all to burn off some calories and get your hearts pumping. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can still head off for a walk before or after dinner. There’s no need to go anywhere special. If you live near a beach or country park, this would obviously be an ideal place to go for your walk, however, you can still just cruise around your neighborhood or local town. This is a popular pastime in Europe and it’s one that can help to keep everyone fit and happy.

Dance Together

Dancing is a lot of fun, and you can all do it as a family. Simply put on some of your favorite tunes and get down and boogie in your family room. There are even games on video game consoles today where you can practice your dance moves – Just Dance is one. You’ll all enjoy laughing at each other’s efforts while you get fit into the bargain.

Sneaking Workouts Into Daily Life

If your kids refuse to do obvious physical activities, there are ways of sneaking their daily workout into everyday life. Walk upstairs rather than using escalators or elevators. Park further away from the store and walk the rest of the way home. Cycle to school instead of taking the bus. There are lots of ways to get kids to work out without realizing it!

Make Commercials A Fitness Break

Every time you switch on the TV, it always seems to be a commercial break. You can use this to your advantage. Every time the commercials come on, make it a fitness break for the whole family. Do exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, star-jumps or squats until your favorite program comes back on! This is something you can all do together and since it’s in short bursts you won’t all feel exhausted.

Jog As A Family

There are often park runs these days which welcome the whole family to join in. There is no competition involved, it simply requires participants to turn up at the right place at the right time and complete the course. There are park runs of different lengths and different ability levels, so you’re sure to find one near you that suits your family’s capabilities. Even the very youngest members of the family can join in. Pop your baby into a jogging stroller and hit the trail. You can check this page for more information about how to choose the right stroller for you to stay active.

All of these are great ways for the whole family to enjoy themselves while staying fit and healthy. Enjoy your family workout!

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