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Do you ever experience sharp and sudden pain when your teeth come in contact with something hot or cold? If yes, then you probably have sensitive teeth.

Tooth sensitivity is a very unpleasant medical condition that concerns the teeth and its intensity can range from mild to extreme sensation of pain.

To get rid of tooth sensitivity, there a number of things you can do. The most important one should be done every day to prevent tooth sensitivity, and it is maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

If tooth sensitivity happens regardless, then using tooth sensitivity products like gels and toothpaste suck as Mi paste is highly recommended as these products provide significant relief and enable the remineralization of the enamel.

On the other hand, you should avoid certain types of food as some acidic, sweet or too hot or cold foods can seriously worsen the condition.

Let’s take a look at the most notable foods that might cause the worsening of tooth sensitivity.

1. Soft Drinks

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Soft drinks include all the non-alcoholic beverages such as fizzy drinks, juices, energy drinks, and flavored waters, and all of these have a high percentage of sugar and acid.

Sugar and acid destroy the enamel of the tooth and exposes the dentin to exterior stimuli making the teeth overly sensitive.

It might come as a surprise to hear this about juices, especially freshly squeezed ones, but the ingredients can’t tell a lie. They surely are full of sugar and natural acids, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop consuming them.

If you can’t imagine your morning without a glass of fresh orange juice, then go on, have a full glass. However, don’t forget to clean your teeth properly afterward.

2. Ice Cream

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The guilty pleasure in hot summer days all over the world is the ice-cream, of course. Bad news, though!

It has sugar, and it is very cold, which is a dangerous combination that makes teeth sensitive.

And the fact that people suffering from tooth sensitivity have a worn-out enamel, the contact between the ice cream and the tooth can produce a very aggravated pain.

3. Sticky Sweets

different types of sticky sweets

Lollipops, peppermints, suckers, caramels, sugar canes, gummy bears, tootsie rolls, and so on, all fall in the category of sticky sweets.

This type of food is full of sugar which can cause tooth pain and even worse, it can cause breaking or chipping of the teeth.

Plus, they will stick to the teeth causing stimulation of the nerves in the dentin, which will be recognized as severe pain.

4. Hot Coffee

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Even though hot coffee is the necessary wake up technique of many people, it is suggested by renowned dentists that is the coffee is too hot, it can cause the teeth to hurt.

Add to it a cube or two of sugar and the pain will be even worse.

If you are one of the people who can’t do without coffee, instead of taking it hot and steaming, add some drops of milk in it as it will lower the temperature and its acidity.

In this way, the risk of damaging the teeth will be significantly lower.

5. Citrus Fruits

juices fromcitrus fruits

The same as freshly squeezed juices, the citrus fruits can strip away the enamel and cause tooth sensitivity.

If you are already suffering from mild tooth sensitivity, avoid grapefruit, lemons, limes, and pineapple as the acid in these fruits will worsen the condition of tooth sensitivity.

6. Tomatoes

sliced tomatoes in half

You have probably heard the years’ long dilemma – is the tomato fruit or veggie. But you have probably never heard that tomatoes are bad for your teeth, right?

Yes, they are full of vitamins, with Vitamin C standing out and minerals, however, plants are highly acidic. The raw tomato sauce also acts as a trigger to teeth sensitivity.

7. Alcoholic drinks

alcoholic drinks with ice

People that drink beer or liquor often might have a problem with tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

This happens because alcoholic beverages are full of sugars and have a high dosage of acid as well.

Alcohol seems to be detrimental to any aspect of the general health and tooth decay, and sensitivity is just one of them.

8. Ice

three cubes of ice

Lots of people chew on the ice cubes from their drinks, thinking it’s not bad for the teeth as there is no sugar.

However, when you chew hard substances, the enamels get destroyed, which leads to tooth sensitivity. Also, the tooth can chip or break.

Bottom Line

Even if you consume these types of foods on occasion, you need to make sure that your oral hygiene is very high.

This means brushing the teeth after every meal and flossing at least once a day.

Also, using mouth rinses and Mi paste tooth sensitivity will help you avoid the appearance of the symptoms of tooth sensitivity.

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Maxwell Lefroy is a professional content writer whose one of the major specialties in oral health. He has written tons of articles on oral health tips and food diets which have been published on many online publications.

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