Lake Sammamish Half Marathon

Training during a long winter is one of the biggest mental tests a runner’s faces.

Whether you’re spending time pounding the frozen pavement or you’re tied to a treadmill, it just isn’t much fun.

But all that work we put in is worth it once spring racing season rolls around. If you’re looking for a great race to kick off 2020, look no further. The Lake Sammamish Half Marathon takes place on March 7, 2020.

It’s a picturesque and tranquil half marathon that circles beautiful Lake Sammamish in Redmond, WA. This is a great event for families that like to run together, or you could attend this event as part of a Northwest vacation that you have always wanted to take.

Read more to learn what you can do when the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon is on your calendar.

Where Are You Going?

You might know Redmond, WA, as the home of Microsoft. You can take a tour of the massive tech company’s visitor’s center. And while you’re there, it’s just a jaunt to visit beaches in the area that offer stunning lake views or views of the Pacific Ocean.

There are several forested parks in the area that you can visit if you like hiking. They’re also great spots for some beautiful family exploration if you’re traveling here with your kids.

What Is The Half Marathon Like?

You need to register for the half marathon now so that you get a spot.

You will want to arrive at Lake Sammamish early The race will start in the morning when you can enjoy the rising sun, the dew on the trees, and the birds chirping.

The Lake Sammamish Half offers a relaxing atmosphere that caters to runners chasing the podium people out for a run with family and friends.

Finishers get a cool medal, and afterward, there is a wonderful party for all the runners. This is a great event for your friends, family, or kids.

When it’s all said and done, you can enjoy the lake for the rest of the day, or some groups will go out for a family dinner that night to get to know one another.

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Where Else Can You Go During Your Trip

You are not far from Seattle when you visit the Redmond area. There are many welcoming, upscale hotels in Redmond, WA, and environs given the area’s huge growth over the recent decade.

There’s the Hyatt House Seattle/Redmond, which offers guests a great location near both Seattle and Redmond, making it convenient for the race and hitting the town.

The Hampton Inn & Suites Bellevue is a good budget option, which makes it especially good for families who want to save but not skip out on amenities.

A trip to the Northwest might include a visit to Vancouver, or you can drive to the ocean when you want to visit the private islands of Puget Sound.

You can travel down to Tacoma if you want to see some of the industrial areas of Seattle, or you can travel into downtown Seattle to see Pike Place, the Space Needle, and the historic buildings left behind from old Seattle.


When you come to Lake Sammamish for the half marathon in 2020, you can run 13.1 miles with family and friends as part of a much larger vacation.

You might choose to stay near the lake during your vacation, or you might plan a road trip around the Northwest that will give you stunning sights, beautiful locations, and a bit of history.

You can visit Microsoft, drive into Seattle, drive down to Tacoma, or drive into Vancouver. After the long, dark months of training, you owe it to yourself to have some fun this spring!

About The Author:

Burton Macklin is an avid runner and swimmer. When not competing in events, he enjoys freelance writing and spending time with his family.

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