Creativity In A Child

It’s said that a creative mind is a busy mind. Developing creativity is an important part of a child’s growth and parents are very much involved in this process.

We have seen a lot many examples where a genius mind is flawless in some sort of art too like, Albert Einstein who was a world-renowned physicist loved to play the violin. On top of that creativity brings various intellectual and health benefits.

There are no special mentors found who can instill creativity into someone. It is something that comes from within and differentiates a person from a crowd of hundreds.

Art helps children to develop quick thinking. It makes their imaginative part of mind more active. As they progress, it will help them learn about choices and combinations. We all must keep in mind that thinking out of the box can occur only when creativity has been promoted from a very young age.

Here we will learn about various ideas you can find online and at your nearest stores where you can also avail significant discounts on the best art and craft supplies. But before that let’s have a look at some of the ways to encourage children’s creativity-

1. Assign a specific space for creative activity

Assigning a different space altogether for all kinds of creative activities is the first and foremost step. It will help the child to understand that certain things have to be done in their assigned places only. It will help in inculcating discipline in them from a young age.

  • Building a super decorative playhouse or room is not required.
  • The place can be right in your hall or bedroom with some toys, LEGO bricks, puzzles, etc.
  • Initially don’t keep them out of your sight completely. You must monitor their activities and growth.
  • You can get such development toys like alphabet cubes, LEGO toys, puzzles, coloring books from Joann under the crafts and hobbies section.
  • You can also decorate their corner with some kid-specific décor from Joann’s home décor section.

2. Begin with simplicity

You need not provide your children with the most advanced set of toys and play-sets for developing creativity. If not anything, it might confuse them. Let them play with simple ones and realize themselves what do they want.

  • Get them simple toys and activities like slate, coloring books, soft toys initially to let their imagination run freely.
  • Understand their needs and if they are getting bored with them, replace them with new ones.
  • Give them instructions that are easy to follow like the color the bird with red color only or don’t spoil your teddy bear.
  • They won’t follow instructions initially and that’s how creativity develops bit by bit.

3. Allocate leisure time

Allow your child to play with themselves and leave them alone for some time. It is necessary for kids to feel free and find their own time.

  • The child can play with a toy, doll or maybe just nothing.
  • Keep some time totally off schedule for them.
  • Let them decide how they want to spend their free time because imagination is the only tool with which creativity can be achieved.

4. Assist them for a good exposure to open their senses

You must expose your kids to real life so that they can utilize their developing senses to the fullest. Take them to informational places and see how they try to understand their surroundings.

  • The place can be a museum, art gallery, toyshops, zoo or even a garden.
  • Imagination flutters better when it takes clues from nature.
  • Discuss various fantasy topics like how would they feel going to land full of chocolates or how would they like to be in a jungle safari.
  • Discussion of imaginative topics will help to understand what kind of imagination is the child developing
  • You can get various storybooks, comics from Joann’s official website at your doorstep.

5. Engage in healthy creative conversation

Listen to your kids when they come up with creative ideas. Now when they are growing up, their mind is a fertile land of ideas. The conversation must be two way and constructive with slight inputs from your side for the development of an idea.

  • The conversation must include suggestive inputs from both sides.
  • Keep a note of their ideas on paper or your mobile phone.
  • You can buy such scrapbooks at Joann for jotting down your kid’s budding ideas.

6. Develop critical thinking in your kids

As your child grows, engross in critical talks with them. You can ask suggestions from them in case of your real-life problems or you can just make them up. Observe how they are suggesting you deal with it.

  • You can also try a constructive brainstorming session with your kids.
  • Ask for their suggestions in various household matters like what shade of paint would look good in the hall, etc.

7. Be a guide instead of a tutor

Your child is born with an innate quality of creative thinking and it is easily visible when they are left on their own. However, over nagging of parents might wither this quality sooner as it looks.

  • Let them ascend in their field of interest and motivate them to do the same.
  • Don’t tutor them into doing something that you want them to do.
  • Understand your child’s needs and help them to pursue their interests.
  • If they want to play with toys, buy them toys. If they want to draw, you can buy sketchbooks from Joann. If they love jewelry making, you can get the different sets of jewelry making from the website of Joann.

Creativity helps in instilling self-confidence in children. They would feel more confident about themselves when they will look at something made by their own hands.

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We presented you with some of the ways how you can help your child to find their creative side. You can look for some of the best ideas at the Joann store. They have the largest inventory for hobby items that aim in developing the creative side of your child.

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You can start with simple toys like RC cars, train sets, beach balls, doll sets, doctor sets, etc. to see their reaction. You can take your next step accordingly and get all the necessary hobby ideas from the Joann website.

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