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Watching TV and 9 more easy ways you can achieve the best flat belly to get into your smallest bikini…

Summer is here in its full swing and as the sunshine hits our pavements and window panes, the only thing one can think of is the beach! Imagine yourself lying on the golden pearls of glittery sand, the beautiful sunshine by the ocean, flowing hair in the cool breeze of the sea and an amazing body to compliment the hot, teensy bikini of your choice. Now snap out of it! And look at yourself in a full-size mirror nearest to you. I hope your reality is not so dark to cover up all the sunny plans of the summer, because if you are in shape then a thumbs-up my lady you are goals! But if you are not in shape then consider me your friend as I elaborate below 9+1 easy ways you can get in shape and in time without having to hassle yourself with the workout stress.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a diet plan or a workout regime. Rather it is a unique combination – a package sort off – of things that you do daily and for to become more fit and fabulous just need to change a bit here and there. I guarantee you a flat belly by the end of a 15-days countdown of strictly following this change of habits.

So now that is out of the way, let’s begin, shall we?

You Can Do While Watching TV

As much as my girls would love to Netflix and chill, watching TV at times adversely affects the weight loss scheme they have in mind but not anymore. There are plenty of hands-on exercises you can replace with your buttery popcorns and cinnamon rolls. Here are some great ideas to implement in front of the TV set while watching your favorite show so you never get the FOMO attacks again:

  • Don’t just get fixated on the couch, move! Move about by making short walks around in the room where your TV is placed.
  • Move your cycle or treadmill in front of the TV. Burn some calories while the zombies burn the house down (whaddup Walking Dead reference).
  • Challenge yourself that how many squats, sit-ups or pushups you can do in that 2-min commercial and repeat this in every commercial break.
  • Lunges and crunches are your new friends. Don’t hesitate from doing such easy things while the show is on or during a commercial break. I know it is hard to distract yourself during the show but this why we have such long commercial breaks don’t we? Let’s make them productive from now on rather than getting annoyed by them.

Therefore the bottom line is that where there is a will there is a way. Even if you can’t hit the gym for a variety of reasons, you can still workout and be fit.

Time Matters

We don’t consider time management unless we really are given an ultimatum or a deadline of sorts. But time management matters when it comes to staying fit. Studies suggest that if you are trying to slim down your body then you need to consume calories more when the sun is up instead of when the sun goes down. This means that you should have a good fulfilling lunch and go light on your dinner menus.

Warming Up

The biggest hurdle you can ever have when you are thoroughly excited about something is an injury. How would you feel if you suffer an injury while working out towards your ultimate summer goal? In order to avoid such a situation, one simple method to apply is warming up. Stretch yourself and stretch yourself good before starting your workout. Warming up before getting into gear not only prepares your body for the temperature and activity change but would at all costs work in favor of avoiding injuries so that you can be a sight to devour at the beach in your favorite bikini.

No More Cocktails

Oops! Did all your party dreams shatter? But this is the compromise you will have to make. In order to become a hot mess afterward, don’t become one now. Avoid cocktails at all costs and even carbonated drinks for that matter because bad sugar is what increases that belly you don’t want to increase. But, you can always opt out of your cocktail and go for a raw shot of vodka and never ever alcohol will become your enemy again.

Blend It

Don’t just gulp down a glass of milk or peel your bananas to eat as it is. Blend them instead! Smoothies are a rich and healthy source of perfect nutrition to get when in days of working out. Not only are they immensely healthy and fulfilling but you try an infinite amount of combinations and recipes according to your taste and mood to enjoy.

Dance and Yoga

We all love to be the couch potato when the weather gets hot. We become those crocodiles that just lie on their bellies all summer long beside a pool, but we are not going to do this, this summer. Just hit that play button on your music player and step to the beat. Dance is the best and most enjoyed form of exercise of every inch of your body.

Similarly, if you are not into fidgeting so much and want a calm sense of prosperity with your body, then go for yoga. Yoga acknowledges you the sense of every breath you take and this helps not only in releasing stress but also loving your body.

Take a Walk!

So what if you don’t have a pet that you just have to take to walking? Find your own reasons to move about this summer.

  • Go pick up your groceries rather than having them home delivered.
  • Go on a shopping spree.
  • It is even better if you live in a high-rise apartment, ditch the elevator and use the traditional way we call the staircase.
  • Like texting? No problem, take a walk after every meal downtown with your phone in your hand texting away the calories.
  • Include your partner in this plan and take romantic walks down the memory lane.

Kill the Poison

Stress is your worst enemy! Yes, it is the poison so often incorporated into your lives by your own selves that you don’t realize how much damage it is doing. Work towards not stressing yourself out and staying calm this summer. Enjoy reading books and listening to pleasant music that may help you calm down.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

You might be the workaholic chic but girl, you are not going to ignore your sleep from now on. Research says that sleep deprived body absorbs more calories as compared to a body that is active, fresh and well-rested. So get your sleep schedules going by sleeping on time and waking up early and fresh ready to conquer the day.


I know I know… I said that these are some easy things to do but is hitting the gym really that hard? Not if you make it fun at Onelife Fitness, a gym in Virginia Beach, VA If you are from the region or give your local gym a call to get started. Ultimately you cannot just be at your home; you will have to hit the gym. No pressure there that is why we have listed this last but also after all the home remedies have been tried out and you feel satisfied with your mind and body and you feel ready to actually follow a gym routine then gear yourself up for some good training sessions and workout regimes.
So summing it up, these were the 10 ways you can easily get into your bikini this summer without hassling yourself and taking the full fun and games of summers. Happy Summers ladies!

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