Your physical appearance does make an impact and the first thing which is usually noticed by people is your smile. A smile is an essential social benefit and many feel conscious about it. It enhances your confidence and allows you to create a positive first impression. A white smile also indicates that you maintain good oral hygiene, but everyone is not eager to show their smile without hesitation. The reason being, they either have yellow and stained teeth, or they have misaligned, chipped, cracked and missing teeth. Some may have other dental issues as well.


Today, people want their teeth and smile to be spectacular. Thanks to the popularity of cosmetic dental procedures which has increased like anything in past few years. People have become conscious about their smile and most of these cosmetic dental procedures are performed for aesthetic reasons. In few cases, these procedures are done for restorative purposes as well. Well, many find it expensive and therefore here we have discussed the most affordable cosmetic dentistry options in demand:

1. Teeth Whitening (Get rid of stained and yellow teeth)

Excessive smoking and poor dental hygiene are the biggest causes of yellow and stained teeth.  These neither go easily nor can be removed with regular ordinary brushing. Therefore, many people visit renowned cosmetic dentistry clinic, for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is not similar to bleaching. Though it is a cosmetic procedure which can produce unattractive looking teeth, a good cosmetic dentist makes use of a conventional whitening process in the clinic to produce effective teeth whitening results. Thus, one gets pearly white teeth in no time. It is not a costly cosmetic treatment and is very much in demand. The results have been surprising for many.

2. Bonding (A terrific way to fix cracked and chipped teeth)

If your tooth needs filling or you have chipped or cracked tooth then dental bonding is an affordable cosmetic process to fix such dental issues. Dental bonding is made of porcelain or composite resin. In this process, the material is dyed to match the natural color of your teeth so you get teeth that look great. Bonding is done by professional dentists and therefore, no one can tell that you have undergone a cosmetic procedure. Bonding gives a natural look to your teeth.  You definitely need a good cosmetic dentist to perform this process flawlessly.

The average cost of dental bonding is much lower when compared to porcelain veneers. Though veneers last longer and correct severely discolored or chipped teeth, if you are looking for something in the budget, then bonding is an affordable cosmetic process to fix chipped and cracked teeth. Though, both the procedures are ideal to fix chipped or cracked teeth.

3. Retainer (Straighten your teeth and smile without hesitation)

Those who have crooked or misaligned teeth think that they need braces, but it is not necessary for everyone. People can make use of retainers once they have removed the braces. Retainers are helpful to keep the teeth in a fixed position so they do not move from their place. If there is a small space between two teeth or if your bite is misaligned slightly, then you can wear retainer without braces.  It is an affordable cosmetic process which halts the teeth shifting process and corrects jaw problems as well. It will correct the patient bite and is a good long-term solution.

4. Dental Fillings (Instead of tooth extraction remove tooth decay)

Many people from all over the world go for dental fillings every day and this cosmetic process is helpful to repair teeth which are damaged due to advanced decay. Decay is a result of poor dental hygiene and bad eating habits. Dental fillings are recommended by dentists instead of tooth extraction to save the tooth or teeth.

5. Dental crowns (Easy way to resolve decay problems)

A very popular and inexpensive cosmetic dental procedure is a dental crown for decayed teeth. Dental crowns are similar to dental fillings, last longer and are highly durable. Before the application of crown, decay is removed and the remaining tooth structure is reinforced. Once the tooth is prepared a porcelain cap is used to place it over the tooth for protection. This process can also be performed for discolored, broken or chipped teeth.

These are some affordable cosmetic dental procedures which can help you revive your smile and get beautiful looking teeth in a budget-friendly way. Find a dependable and reputed dental care center like West Mobile Dental Care to get affordable cosmetic procedures done by experts and get your lost smile back.

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