Toilet Cleaning

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Great individuals have invented some cleaning hacks so that we can get rid of unnecessary hardships.

This is also intended to save time and energy. Cleaning hack is like fresh life that has been blown into us so that we can wake up and start cleaning.

Quick and easy cleaning is the gift these cleaning hacks can give us to transform our toilets to be the best.

1. Cleaning the toilet using coke

Coke or coca-cola is among the biggest and first brands in the globe.

It’s invention dates back to the late 1800s. It has kept its secret recipe for the last 131 years without altering it.

Interestingly, people are not conversant with the extra qualities of the soft drink despite it being loved by many around the world. It is exceptionally a good cleaning agent. It can be used to clean the most crucial thing in the house that you would not think of, your toilet.

You have to do the dirty work however disgusting it can seem.

The secret is the citric acid in coke that does wonders. It actually removes all the stains on the surface. The process is simple; pour a defined amount of the soft drink into the bowl, leave it to settle for some time, and flush your toilet.

To avoid dirtying your hands or anything else, this is the most effective method of cleaning your toilet.

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2. Duct tape and Vinegar for cleaning the toilet

For our survival, the toilet plays an integral role in doing the dirty work on our behalf. Unfortunately, in this process, they must also get dirty.

It stinks and looks ugly if it is allowed to be dirty, and I believe nobody will want such conditions in the house. Cleanliness of a certain level need to maintain in a toilet for it to be suitable for human use, and it is very important.

Another major problem we face is clogging.

To be honest this is also plain disgusting. What you can use is an overall regime for maintaining your toilet. Remember, the flushed water flows to the water closet through holes referred to as siphon jets.

This is the system that should be prevented from clogging. Vinegar and duct tape are used for proper cleaning of the system.

3. Cleaning underneath the flush tank

Toilets should not just be considered as water closets as they are definitely more than that. There is a space that you must have seen behind your toilet when you close the lid, just underneath the flush tank.

Most people have never thought of cleaning it, and if you have, then your cleanliness standards are commendable. If you have not, then let it be the duty.

Disinfectant wipes and a flat head screwdriver are the tools you need. The screwdriver is for unscrewing the lid off in order to clean the crevice and the back ledge under the tank.

4. DIY Toilet Fizzies

There is nothing fascinating like watching Fizz bombs when they are submerged in water.

Can you imagine getting a two-in-one thing item with them, for example, fragrant smell and cleaning the toilet? So, these are real things.

These are the best things that you require in your toilet. Apart from cleaning the toilet, they send out an amazing and refreshing fragrance that modifies the ambiance of the whole bathroom.

These fizzes can be homemade and avoid many expenses. You can mix essential oils, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, and baking soda. Discover the sweet fragrance of the combination.

In conclusion, you can as well invent a checklist, which can guide you in maintaining a standard of cleanliness and a regular cleaning regime of your toilet.

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