Gifts Your Grandparents

Finding the perfect gift for your grandparents presents a unique set of challenges. Most grandparents are actively trying to give their stuff away! How many times have you left your grandparents’ house without something of theirs?

Trying to ask your grandmother what she wants for Mother’s Day will likely illicit a firm, “nothing.” If you ask your grandfather what he’d like for his birthday, you’re probably going to get a similar answer.

So how to find gifts for people who don’t even want anything? Make sure your presents are things that your grandparents will be able to use, and easily.

Personalized Photo Book

If there’s one thing all grandparents love and appreciate, it’s photos of their favorite grandchild (you, naturally). Set the gift-giving bar high with a personalized, hardcover photo book by Artifact Uprising.

Their books feature high-quality archival paper and hard, fabric wrapped covers that make their books one of a kind and highly impressive. If a coffee table book full of photos isn’t your speed, they also offer custom calendars and gallery style prints.

A DNA and Ancestry Kit

While your grandparents are the best source of information on family history possible, there are bound to be some things they don’t know. Get them an Ancestry DNA kit and trace your family’s journey across the world together.

As an interesting side effect, you and your grandparents may discover new family members you haven’t even met before! Your next family reunion is sure to be exciting.

The Only Tablet They’ll Ever Need

More and more seniors are finding that embracing technology is the best way to stay connected to each other and to their family. In fact, having access to wi-fi can be a protection against the inevitable social isolation that comes with older age.

You’re sure to win “grandchild of the year” if you help them get on the web with a tablet. The benefits of a tablet over a smartphone are innumerable.

Many seniors prefer speaking to their loved ones over landlines and find smartphones cumbersome to use and their screens too small to navigate. Tablets, on the other hand, offer a larger surface area to interact with as well as an easier reading experience.

Visually impaired seniors will find that tablets can be used for reading and research, two things that become more difficult as eye-sight fails.

Research which tablets will best suit your grandparents’ needs and then begin the search for refurbished tablets. There is rarely a need for a brand new tablet, as a refurbished tablet works just as well.

Once you’ve selected the perfect tablet, deck it out with the necessary accessories (a case, a keyboard, etc). Then, when you give your excellent gift to your grandparents, you can help them set up the wi-fi, video chat apps, and any reading apps they may want!

Hearing Aids

As stubborn as our grandparents are about aging, it’s important that they’re living life to the fullest.

If you’ve noticed your grandparent experiencing hearing loss, it might be time to gently suggest a visit to a hearing care specialist. A hearing health specialist can tell you the type of hearing loss your grandparent is experiencing and then recommend the best hearing aids for their needs.

Though this gift may not go over as well as some of the others, every grandparent loves to know that their grandkids are thinking about their health and longevity.

A Floral Subscription

If your suggestion of hearing aids doesn’t go quite as well as you had hoped, smooth things over with a monthly floral subscription. The Bouqs Co. offers flexible monthly subscriptions and free shipping on monthly orders.

Plus, by ordering from them you’ll be supporting small family farms while simultaneously brightening your grandparents’ lives.

Our grandparents give us so much. In some cases, our grandparents even have a hand in raising us. That’s why it’s important to get them gifts that they’ll use and cherish.

About The Author:

Kyle Moore is a South African writer with a love of all things natural! When he isn’t spending time wandering a forest, he’s finding ways to live his best life.

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