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Amplifon is one of the well-known hearing clinics in Canada for our services, personal care to every patient, and customer support. We have a team of trusted and experienced professional experts to take care of different needs of individual patients and provide customized solutions for your requirements. Our motto is to create awareness about hearing health and offer tailor-made care to preserve excellent hearing conditions. Here, you’ll always have someone to answer all your questions about the treatments, precautions, and any other hearing care details to be the best solution for your lifetime of healthy hearing.

Do you feel any of these below situations?

Are you suffering from a partial hearing loss?

Do you feel like you’re losing the hearing capacity?

Do you see any changes in your hearing health?

Are you suffering from a hearing loss and tired of roaming around to find a perfect hearing aid for you?

Then you require a trusted source. At Amplifon, with a wide range of several hearing aids and experts who can suggest nothing less than the best. We provide you the hearing aids that can serve you a lifetime and can fit your budget and needs. How do we do that? Read through:

Every step in our process is to you make you comfortable. Here are the steps we follow:

  1. We first hear your issue to understand your feeling of change in the hearing health.
  2. Then we conduct a few tests to point the exact issue, which is causing a hearing loss.
  3. After the results, our professionals take a thorough detail on every test and understand the issue and give you a consultation with the required treatment for an improved hearing.
  4. If you need to use a hearing aid, sure we’ve plenty of options, and our team suggests you, which is suitable for your problem and shortlist a few options for you. Then you can choose whichever you like. We get that newly made for you based on your prescription and your choice of style and deliver it to you within no time.
  5. And our work doesn’t end there. Once a loyal customer always a loyal customer to us. We continue to share the guide on how to use the hearing aid, and our customer support is open to hearing you out.

Our Promise to you:

Our commitment to create the best environment for the patients and improve the world’s hearing health makes us stand out from others. Do you need a slim hearing aid that others can’t look at? Need a lightweight one that feels like nothing? Need something that can fit inside the ear and not visible to others easily? Our doors are always open to hearing out your hearing problems, and we’re just a knock away, and we provide the device that can fulfill your requirements.

Pre & post-hearing health services we provide at Amplifon:

  1. One can always request for a complimentary hearing test.
  2. We have a world-class technology of online hearing test, through which you can take the test from anywhere in the world without any support.
  3. Our clinics are expanded worldwide, and we provide global support.
  4. Our customer support doesn’t have a sleeping clock. You can ring us on our toll-free number any time and get help from your local and trusted resources.
  5. Living with hearing aids is not easy. But we make it more comfortable with our collection of devices that can support travel, exercises and provide regular checkups, complete maintenance.


Hearing loss can happen to kids, elders, pretty much to everyone. If your family is complaining that you’re watching the TV with too loud volume, or if you can’t hear in crowds, or you’re frequently asking What? Unable to listen to the smaller sounds like ringtones and notifications, if you feel irritated in groups or loud noises, you might want to consider a visit to an expert and get it checked. Prevention is always better than cure, so take a professional opinion before your hearing issue gets more prominent. Come on, meet us at the Amplifon hearing test clinic in Calgary, Alberta, if you ever feel you have the symptoms of hearing loss and requires a test. We pledge to provide the best care and resolve your issue with personal care.

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