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Your daily routine can keep you active. But how active are you, and is your mind active and healthy? A recent study organized by Dr. Hideaki Soya, a professor from the Japan University of Tsukuba, revealed that physical fitness significantly increases one’s mental fitness and boosts brain functionality in older adults.

Probably your schedule is always overcrowded, you must face digital media restrictions, and it appears your daily life is getting in your way of taking care of your mind and body. There’s a strong link between your active body and mind, and there are a few things you can do to get both. For absolute body fitness and active mind, follow the following tips shared by experts.

1. Get enough sleep

It is recommended to design a sleeping schedule and adhere to it. According to medical scientists, having a sleeping routine is as important as the total number of hours you sleep daily. Get at least seven hours of sound sleep in a regular cycle. This could, according to Healthy Body Healthy Mind, amp up your productivity.

2. Exercise regularly

If you choose to ride a bike, run, or go to the gym, you’re on the right track. Just continue with this pattern about three times weekly. But if you must force yourself to exercise, find something you like, form a friend circle, and probably play badminton or basketball in a group. One of the benefits of exercising with people you like is that you will stay motivated.

healthy body healthy mind tips

It is also recommended to exercise between workout sessions. You no longer need to wait for your workout to get exercise. For example, while you’re at work, stand up and do a few stretching moves, go for a walk, ride your bike during your lunch break, and more.

3. Eat food that’s good for your brain

You already know about eating a balanced diet and how this keeps your body healthy. However, you need to analyze your diet once more and be sure you’re eating the right foods for your brain health. Professional nutritionists and healthcare experts recommend juice, eggs, fish, and milk as some of the foods to keep your memory sharp.

You may also want to drop sugar from your diet. Nearly all processed foods contain sugar, and the best thing for your body’s metabolism is to drop the extra sources of sugar like cakes, sodas, cookies, and more. Perhaps you will have a serious addiction crisis at first, but after a few days or weeks, you will be more motivated to embrace the new, positive lifestyle.

4. Revisit your goals

Perhaps you already know the importance of setting daily goals, and you have been setting your own targets. However, how challenging are these targets? You need to revisit these goals and revise them upwards. This way, you will challenge yourself and ensure that your goals are getting harder with time. This is a good way of the building where you want to be while keeping your mind healthy.

5. Work towards improving your memory

It is wise to play a little memory game as it is an excellent way to have a sharp memory all the time. You can try to associate things that you usually wouldn’t think of being linked with one another, and they will end up sticking in your mind more.

Healthy body healthy mind tips - Book Reading

Have you ever realized that highly successful people read about five books monthly? Reading books boosts one’s cognitive skills, have a positive effect on cerebral activity, and enhances vocabulary. Therefore, reading could improve your memory, help you learn new stuff, and improve the type and number of words you use.

6. Avoid multitasking

Apparently, multitasking isn’t as good as most people think. Rather, it is notoriously bad for your performance level and could cause stress. Your mind needs to focus on a single task ahead as this could prevent mental overload and the resulting anxiety. You’re not superman, and if you need to get a task done, focus on it.

7. Watch inspirational videos

The internet has an overload of great inspirational videos to keep yourself active as you age. Look for more obscure videos about topics that you haven’t seen on all other available videos. You can find excellent collections and playlists on YouTube and Uscreen. Besides, you can watch other videos that could help you boost your overall wellbeing.

8. Play videogames

Well, this might sound a little bit odd. Encouraging you to play videogames doesn’t mean you should for countless hours daily. However, playing mind-engaging games boosts your perception and strengthens your mind. The secret is to limit your videogame screen time, especially if your work involves looking at computers for a long time.

Healthy Mind Healthy Body Tips - Play Video Games

While at work, you can take about 15 minutes to walk around. Remember, even if you choose to play videogames, you shouldn’t sit for a very long time. When possible, get up and move around for about 20 minutes. Also, it is recommended to stretch your arms and legs. Use every chance you get to walk around.

Wrap up

The most challenging thing to do is to start. The moment you begin with physical activity and see results, the motivation you need will definitely come along. Note that frequent workouts will get in better physical shape and a sound mind. Therefore, embrace an outdoor lifestyle, eat healthily, read books, and work towards strengthening your memory.

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