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Myopia is a prevalent eye condition that has ranked Singapore among other countries in the world with the highest number of people affected by this disorder. If you are one of those, then you have come to the right post to learn about the costs in correcting myopia.

LASIK eye surgery cost is much more affordable nowadays as compared to about a decade before. Despite this fact, a lot of people are still unaware of this as search engines would be bombarded with catchphrases like “LASIK cost,” “LASIK surgery cost,” or “LASIK eye surgery cost Singapore.” This article will lay down the options available in the market when it comes to LASIK eye surgery’s different costs.

EpiLASIK, LASIK, LASEK, ICL, PRK, TransPRK, and ReLEx SMILE are the kinds of laser eye surgery offered. It is important to know that eye clinics have a variety of pricing for these LASIK treatments. Ubiqi Health made a complete list with ALL available LASIK treatments and costs in Singapore on https://ubiqihealth.com/lasik-surgery-in-singapore/.

We are aware that not all people have a flexible financial capacity, especially when it comes to pricey medical procedures. This article aims to tackle valid questions about LASIK eye surgery cost.

Let’s find out what LASIK eye surgery is best for you!

What are the costs available for LASIK surgery in Singapore?

Doctors may give you an outright cost for LASIK surgery based on the vision correction you need.

As an overview, the list below specifies the different LASIK eye surgery costs in Singapore:

  1. EpiLASIK – $3,800 – $5,000
  2. LASIK – $3,500 – $4,500
  3. ReLEx SMILE – $5,000 – $6,000

Having surgery on both eyes is cheaper as compared to having only one eye corrected. Normally, the cost of operations on only a single eye will rake up charges of more than half of the price charged to surgeries done on both eyes. This is due to consumable costs that remain constant whether 1 or 2 eyes undergo surgery. (See also: What Are The Most Common Eye Defects?)

What are the inclusions in LASIK costs?

Pre- and post-operative services are included in LASIK eye surgery packages. This may vary in different clinics in Singapore; hence it is vital that you know what they offer.

Pre-operative Services

Doctors agree that not all who desire to get LASIK are fit to undergo the procedure. This is usually determined during the pre-operative consultation. Patients that are not do not pass the evaluation are advised not to get the surgery.

An evaluation may last up to 2 to 3 hours. Doctors perform an elaborate eye examination to know the following:

  1. The eyes’ current health
  2. The patient’s qualification in undergoing laser surgery

Notice that there are clinics with ads that offer low costs for surgery. Be wary of these offers, as they are too good to be true. Further costs that may total to more than $100 are gradually added to your final account without you knowing it during the course of your laser eye surgery treatment.

Post-operative Services

Post-operative services are your visits to the doctor after the surgery. Although not all include this cost in your final bill, a majority of clinics do. It is best to inquire about this inclusion in your LASIK surgery costs.

How much do LASIK enhancements cost in Singapore?

There are times when a clinic further prescribes several LASIK enhancements after a successful laser eye surgery. This is to ensure that the eyes’ vision is restored to perfect normal condition. In most cases, a clinic covers the costs for this. You may want to clarify this with your chosen surgeon so you will not be surprised in case charges for the enhancements suddenly appear on your bill.

How come some LASIK treatments in Singapore cost less than the others?

You might be wondering why the prices for LASIK treatments across Singapore vary drastically. There are clinics that offer LASIK for as low as $1,600, while most of the prices range from $4,000 – $5,000.

Dumbfounded? Let me explain.


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Walking into clinics that offer low treatment costs, a patient would eventually realize that these advertisements are what we call “bait and switch.” Upon evaluation, clinics would inform patients that the low prices offered for LASIK are only applicable to individuals with lower refractive conditions. As a result, those with high refractive errors disqualify from the bargain.

What are the things to consider when finding the right doctor for LASIK surgery?

Choosing the right doctor to handle your LASIK operation is vital as considering the costs of the procedure. Prior to booking a consultation with a clinic, do research and go through the profiles of various doctors and see their experience in handling LASIK surgery.

Ophthalmologists can also sub-specialize in LASIK refractive surgery. Not a lot of my patients know of this fact. Doctors, in order to earn this skillset, do further training on treatments like Advance Surface Ablation (ASA), LASIK, Implantable Collamer Lens, and ReLEx SMILE.

There are not a lot of doctors based in Singapore who has completed fellowship training in refractive surgery. Surgeons who successfully finish this course can be dependably trained and experienced to handle LASIK eye surgery.

Do insurances and Medisave cover LASIK eye surgery costs?

Unfortunately, Medisave and insurances are not able to pay for LASIK. Not to fret, clinics often offer installments in settling accounts, so it’s best to inquire about your payment options.

Do clinics in Singapore give discounts or subsidies for LASIK surgery?

Clinics are barred from giving discounts on any medical treatment as directed by MOH to avoid enticing patients to undergo procedures that are not needed. To be sure of the total amount you need for a surgery, you may always reach out to the doctor of your choice for a full quotation.

In closing, I wish you well in your quest to restore your eyes’ health to its perfect 20/20 vision. I hope that this post was able to enlighten you on what to expect regarding the costs and inclusions of LASIK eye surgery in Singapore.

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