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Buying medical health insurance is actually a daunting task when a lot of providers are selling it with great benefits and offers. There are many plans, offers to catch the attention of the people and usually befuddle them. Before you purchase a policy from a health insurance provider, you should unquestionably consider these 7 things for getting the best health insurance deal:

1. Claiming Process

The claim procedure for a particular company shouldn’t be much difficult because it may cause a huge delay in the arrangement of the claim. Health insurance has become the most significant types, and you can’t jeopardize the or life of your loved ones by making it problematical. The easier your claiming process, the better is your claim settlement. Take a look at their procedure very carefully and then make a decision.

2. Customer Service

24*7 customer support is usually recommended for any health insurance. In the event of any uncertainty in the emergency room, the customer care professional should be present to deal with such uncertainties. Get to know the company and their particular way of working with clients. (See also: How to Choose the Best Health Insurance)

3. Waiting Period

More often than not insurance firms provide a waiting period for a chronic health problem. This may vary from 1 to around 6 years depending on the age and type of health issues. The simplest way to avoid this particular issue is to purchase health insurance coverage if you are young so that you can effortlessly remove the waiting period.

4. Pre/Post Hospitalization

There are many bills added with Hospitalization such as medications, doctors follow up and tests. Be sure that your insurance policy covers all these costs too. From Hospitalization of any patient to the discharge, health insurance ought to cover all of the costs. There shouldn’t be an excessive amount of burden on your side.

5. Insurance Amount

The most crucial decision to make is choosing the right insurance amount. The best choice of amount of money shall only cover costs. Take the health conditions, age, income levels in consideration before you make your decision. The particular amount should not be too high for you to pay nor too less as you don’t need a shortage of amount in an urgent situation.

6. Family Insurance Coverage

When choosing a health insurance policy just be sure you ensure your loved ones along with you. Make your mind up for the particular insurance amount by considering their ages, previous or existing health conditions. (See also: 6 Reasons Why Your Family Needs International Health Insurance)

7. Network Hospitals

The most vital factor is to verify the network hospitals. Most commonly private hospitals provide cashless plans, and the receipts or bills of all expenses are usually settled directly with the insurance companies. Make sure you ask your insurance provider about the particular network hospitals exactly where this cashless system is actually available.

Health insurance plans are made so to protect you and your loved ones in adversities, but generally, we become forgetful of evaluating it by falling for the words of the company. Steer clear of such complications and create a list of queries you need to understand about them and make a decision carefully.

8. Do Your Research On the Health Insurance Providers

As insurance providers can also get into liquidation during the financial meltdown, it’s worth to conduct groundwork on the providers from the outset. The same as signing up yourself in a recognized and accepted university, your preference ought to be on the experienced, established and good rated insurance providers. Additionally, getting a dependable and reliable agent to work for you for a lifetime is equally vital. You have to confident with the provider you’re considering.

9. Check How Your Insurance Providers Pay the Claims

As the companies don’t pay claims exactly the same way, you need to check whether the payment is paid in line with the company or 3rd party valuations. Moreover, check out the determining factors of payment for claims and how long will it take to process the particular claims.

10. Read The Panel Listing of Health Professionals and Hospitals List

Since the companies have a variety of panel listing that you can easily get for treatment, you will have to check out the list and find out if the preferred health professionals or hospitals are mentioned in the list. If not mentioned but you want to, do ask what’s the procedure of the particular claim in advance.

11. Check Whether Pre-Existing Conditions Are Insured

In usual cases, you’ll be expected to submit a medical examination report for evaluation. If you already have a few medical issues, do check out if the particular plan ensures the pre-existing conditions and how will the monthly premiums be determined.


Purchasing medical health insurance isn’t an easy thing. One thing for sure, paying lower premiums is not something you ought to be looking at while choosing for which plan to buy. As this is actually an important decision to make, you have to make sure that you are buying the right plan.

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