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Smoothie mixes and Juices are everywhere. It seems so simple, you can get your 5-a day in just one quick swig. Are they really that good for you? It entirely depends on what you stick in them. Studies have revealed that some store-bought smoothies are actually worse than a can of coke and no one would have that for breakfast and feel healthy!

Some of these healthy smoothies not only discolor your teeth but actually permanently damage them. This is due to the all-natural sugars in fruit and vegetable that can lead to tooth decay or dental disintegration. The ascorbic acid in vitamin C can cause the enamel to deteriorate, making our teeth doubly susceptible to staining. Vibrant-colored fruits like blackberries and blueberries cause your teeth to discolor.

The British Medical Journal recently reported on the dangers of smoothies for kids. Their recommendations:

  1. Fruit juices/smoothies should not count as one of the UK government’s ‘5 a day’ recommendations, as is presently the case
  2. Fruit should ideally be eaten whole, not as juice
  3. Parents should dilute fruit juice with clean water or opt for unsweetened fruit juices, and only permit these drinks during mealtimes
  4. Portion sizes should be limited to 150 ml/day
  5. Manufacturers should stop including unnecessary amounts of sugars, and therefore calories, to their fruit juice/smoothie products — and if not, the government should step in with statutory regulations, like the just recently imposed sugar Tax.

So, do we need to compromise our health by consuming less cancer battling, heart-healthy fruits, and vegetables just to maintain a glistening white smile? Thankfully, the answer is no. (See also: How to Safely Whiten Your Dentures at Home)

your teeth

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Follow these easy tips and your teeth will keep to sparkle

Enjoy your smoothie immediately, then rinse out your mouth afterward. Just take a few sips of water to water down the teeth-staining foods. Freshly made juices are alkalizing. Gradually, light, air, and heat destroy most of the available nutrition and enable the sugars to ferment.

Make “green” smoothies. These have at least double, preferably triple, greens to fruit ratio to keep the sugar content of your drink low.

Drink your smoothie through a straw to help minimize contact with your teeth.

Eliminate or reduce the acid– avoid choosing citrus fruit in your smoothie mix.

Try to wait half an hour if cleaning after your smoothie because your tooth enamel is more susceptible just after eating and drinking.

Bow Lane Dental London has teamed up with Nutritional Therapist Jessica Scott from Jessipes to find great tasting, health, and tooth-friendly recipes.

Coconut and Berry Gum revitalizer

Electrolyte-rich celery, cucumber, and coconut water help to restore equilibrium within the body and soak your cells in alkalizing minerals.

At the same time, the berries awake your taste buds with an abundance of antioxidants, plant phytonutrients such as resveratrol and anthocyanins making their way into your body to prepare it for the day ahead. Cucumbers, spinach, and celery are also a superb source of vitamin C which is needed for healthy gums.

Coconut and Berry Gum revitalizer

  1. 200ml coconut water.
  2. 2 celery sticks.
  3. 1 frozen banana.
  4. Half a cucumber.
  5. A handful of fresh spinach.
  6. Two handfuls of berries of choice, around 100g (I used blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and currants).
  7. More water, if needed (depending on how you like the consistency).
  8. 1 teaspoon desiccated coconut for decoration.
  9. 4-5 ice cubes.
  10. Blend until smooth. Makes 500ml.

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