Exercise Tips For Programmers

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Sitting down, hunched over a desk for hours on end is great for work productivity. If you’re busy working and doing projects, then there will be no reason to move.

Work is important and gives you financial stability, networking and avoids boredom. However, it is still vitally important to stay on top of your health and programmers should do the same.

Not moving for hours upon hours while eating snacks at your desk and playing games on NetBet can be damaging to your health in the future. Whether you walk around for 30 minutes as a break or hit the gym at lunchtime, there are so many benefits in doing something.

It will massively help you evaluate your decision making. You will return from your exercise fresh and relieved of all stress; this will ultimately help you in the long term and increase your workflow.

1. Exercise will help you network

Networking is essential in all aspects of business but maybe non-more so than in programming. Exercise will help you meet new people whether in the gym itself or by giving you the confidence to approach new people because of your new found low-stress levels.

It will keep your mind off the job for a little while anyway, even if you get a coffee with somebody you have recently networked with, it will help in the long term, both with your current project and by making new partners for further projects. (See also: 5 Easy Workout Practices for Office Workers)

2. Desk exercise

Most offices in the world now have standing desks to improve circulation, and this is something that will continue to rise. Desk exercises can increase blood flow and a little change of situation will help in your work while also being healthy.

You will see massive improvements in your posture also with the opportunity to move the bones and muscles in your back seen as another positive with the introduction of standing desks. It is true that the standing desks are also useful for lowering your blood sugar while also helps you lose weight.

All be it, it doesn’t help you lose a massive amount of weight but more than sitting down for the day. It is well known that standing desks help burn an extra 0.15 calories an hour, compared to sitting desks.

3. Dumbbells and weights

Being chained to the desk all day will make it hard to meet your fitness demands, but it isn’t impossible. You can stash a pair of hand weight in a drawer or under the desk, and you can sneak in a few weight repetitions while you think about your next step on a project.

Although this form of exercise isn’t the same as going to an actual gym and doing the full workout ranging from weights to cardio, it is indeed better than nothing at all. But what are the main advantages that you will see from such small exercises?

4. Better biceps

You can sit on the edge of your chair holding a weight with each hand; you keep your upper hands next to your torso before you bend your elbows and curl the weight up towards your shoulder. This will increase the look of your upper arms and create a little muscle.

Biceps exercise movements are very simple, and if you can do them while you’re working you will instantly feel the benefits, you will see the positives in your work while you will feel much better. You will wonder why you never tried doing this earlier.

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