You may have heard of mineral makeup products being a big trend on the market. It can cause lots of confusion and misunderstanding about why these makeup products, which are seemingly just the same as anything other else, come with a bigger price tag than a cheaper alternative. Mineral makeup may be that little more expensive, but the extra few dollars come with so many health benefits. Ultimately, mineral makeup is an investment for your skin and overall body health.

If you have been tossing up the idea of going to mineral makeup, keep reading to find out the amazing health benefits that await. Once you start to realize just how great mineral makeup products are, there will be no going back.

What exactly are mineral makeup products?

Before you are convinced to go with mineral makeup products, it is important to understand exactly what they are. These are basically cosmetic products that have been made with minerals, either pure or crushed. They have completely naturally derived components. Many other makeup products are jam-packed with chemicals and ingredients that contain toxins.

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The natural ingredients and basis for mineral makeup products mean that when they are on the skin, they also look natural. You can tell a big difference between someone wearing a chemically produced foundation and someone wearing minerals. This is just the beginning of the benefits of mineral makeup products.

What are these exact health benefits?

Now, to the actual benefits of mineral makeup products. Take these into account the next time you are buying makeup, remembering that natural products are just always a better option.

Skin hydration and protection

Have you ever taken your foundation off at the end of the day and felt like your skin looked dry and tired? This is because it probably was. Ordinary makeup products do have a tendency to dry out the skin. Mineral makeups do the exact opposite.

There are two ingredients in mineral foundations called zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These are naturally found in sunscreen products as well, which is obviously designed to protect the skin. Therefore, a mineral foundation has UV sun protecting abilities for your skin.



What’s more, zinc oxide is actually anti-inflammatory. When applied through a mineral foundation, the zinc calms and soothes your skin, which also reduces redness when stressed or anxious.

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Breathable for your skin

Many women have experienced the discomfort in their face at the end of a long work day after wearing heavy makeup. Your face can feel restricted and tight after having makeup on all day. This isn’t the case with mineral foundation. Mineral cosmetics are naturally lightweight and won’t settle between the lines in your face, and therefore won’t dry out throughout the day.

Mineral makeups don’t clog your pores as the powder is loose and fine. This is because of the ingredients, although adhered to your skin, aren’t absorbed into your skin particles. As a result, you end up with healthier skin, both on the outside and inside. While wearing mineral foundation, your skin can continue to breathe as normal and retain its useful appearance for longer.



Mineral makeups are also suitable for every skin type as they are so lightweight and breathable. Therefore, even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the health benefits of mineral makeup.  The complete lack of chemicals, dyes, paraben, alcohol, and preservatives make mineral make up an extremely healthy and versatile choice for any skin.

Mineral is more hygienic

Bacteria is naturally floating all around and your face does have to deal with this in its lifetime. However, there are some bacterias that you simply want to avoid putting on your face. Many ordinary makeup products contain moisture and substances that give space for microorganisms to develop and thrive. This means that your makeup bag has the potential to become a bacteria breeding ground.

However, this can be avoided if you use mineral makeup products. These products are free from moisture thanks to the natural ingredient basis. This also means that mineral makeup products have a longer shelf life and can last up to two years depending on use. This is much more useful for you, rather than having to replace makeups every six months. Not only are those extra dollars for mineral makeup products a longer term investment, they are also a much more hygienic one.

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