Hi, my name is Tommy. I weighed 200 lbs 10 years ago, but now I’m one of the happiest 140 lbs guys on the planet.
If you are having trouble achieving the weight you want, then you might want to hear my real life experience being an overweight and how I was able to shift my mindset for success.

My experience as an overweight person

All of my life, I was an overeater. Breakfast, lunch, and supper weren’t enough. Even after having heavy meals, I had to eat some snacks in between, before or after. All this seemed right when I was in primary school.
I had friends; I rarely came across bullies and the best part, I didn’t mind what girls thought of me. However, I didn’t have a clue of what awaited me at the high school or after that.

My first years in high school was just fine. Everything seemed normal, maybe because I was still new and hadn’t met the craziest bullies in the school.

I was a 15-year old, 5’7’’, 200 lbs proud high schooler. Lucky for me, the bakery just outside the school used to prepare my favorite snack: the moist chocolate cake. To tell the truth, that was all I needed apart from few friends, normal meals, and the education I was going to get there.

That is what I thought at first, but not when one high schooler announced that there was going to be a prom at their home. I wasn’t going to dance with my friend Peter during a prom night. That would be gay plus he had a girlfriend. What about me? The truth is, I had never thought about it.

Senior high schoolers used one tactic to win every girl’s heart: the six abs trick. And girls seemed to like it even more. That left me with my one pack alone. I wasn’t ready for any embarrassments, so, I pretended to be sick so that I could avoid the prom. That was just the beginning.

As I made my way up to senior, it got even worse. Everyone was in a cool group except me. Due to this, I became the center of attraction to school bullies. Most of the time, I was forced to fight back without success, ending up with wounds that took some time to heal.

I had to do something, but what? I realized the only solution was to lose some weight, get fitter and join some martial arts club.

It had some good advice on how to get fitter from choosing the right equipment to home workout tips.

But that wasn’t enough. I had to set my mind straight: come up with a workout program that would work and make it a routine. This kind of thought required more than just some muscle effort. I had to learn how to shift my mindset for success. Fortunately, I figured it out faster. Check out how I did it.

How I shifted my mindset for a weight loss success?

1. Set goals higher

I realized that I couldn’t achieve anything without set goals. So, I listed everything I wanted down, for example, losing half of my weight, replacing my one pack with six pack and lastly, being able to engage in sweaty activities like some of the high schoolers I envied.

2. Hang around positive minded people

Individuals who are negative all the time will always remind you of impossibilities. They’ll say you can’t achieve it even when you are willing to try. None of them was going to ruin my plans, so, I got rid of them.

I found new friends who believed everything was possible and losing half of my weight at that time was one of the easiest. That move encouraged me to go for it.

3. Change of lifestyle

Even with positive people around me, it was too obvious I wasn’t going to achieve any of my set goals without changing my lifestyle. I had to stop eating like the world was ending, refrain from idling a lot, engage in some sweaty activity and most importantly, figure out a workout routine that suited me.

So, I decided to drop my favorite snacks. I stuck to three healthy meals per day just like my fit friends. I figured out a workout that was much easier and decided to stick to it. I realized that split workouts suited me best as a beginner and went for it.

4. Preparing for workouts

It is harder to wake up, go outside and engage in some tiring activity with hopes that it will go well if you haven’t done it before. If your mind isn’t prepared, you will have a hard time achieving anything. So, I prepared well before going out for workouts. Here is how I prepared for split workouts.

How to prepare for split workouts?

• Loosen up my body system

• Prepared mentally and physically for activities ahead of me.

• I warmed up and stretched properly before working out to avoid injuries.

For more information on how to prepare for split workouts, click on this link .

5. Buying a fitness equipment

It might not be comfortable exercising at any public fitness center, especially if you are a shy person. I discovered that buying my fitness equipment would make my work easier.

Because I wanted six pack so bad, I decided to do some window shopping for the best abs machine on the market, and that is how I ended up buying, X Mark 12-position Ergonomic Abs Bench XM-4416.1. With this machine, I would do some abs workout early in the morning and some few minutes before bed. The results were amazing.

The Bottom line

Achieving the weight you want is never easy especially if you are a food addict who likes idling a lot. In fact, that is the main reason overweight is one of the major issues affecting the world today.

Fortunately, no matter how stiff or fat you are, your body was created in such a way it has no limits. With the right mindset, you can always achieve the weight you want. As you’ve seen in the article, I had to learn the hard way, but that doesn’t have to be you. Make your work easier by using the tips above.

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