Weight loss is one of the common challenges we face today and makes a big part of yearly resolutions that people make. However, these resolutions usually fizzle out by the time you enter February and there are many reasons for that. In order to make effective weight loss resolutions you can stick to, you must take these necessary steps to facilitate preparation and reinforce your determination to live through your decisions.

It is important to note that sticking to resolutions is very difficult and requires devotion as well as accountability. Otherwise, you will be making those same resolutions every other year without realizing any progress. You probably stack up more weight because you were not accountable to anyone and were not devoted to gaining weight.

If you are going to lose weight this year, you must counter that with full devotion and accountability. If running is your big plan, then you must run without stopping until you hit your goal, but how long does it take to lose weight running? It is therefore very important to take firm steps that will help you make effective weight loss resolutions and here are a few.

Set One Goal For A Month Like January

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There is no need setting three or four goals for a single month as this will only wear you out. Once you fail to achieve a goal you were so moved on accomplishing, the counteraction effect is discouragement and withdrawal. This is true for all other aspects of life and it may take incredible strength to realign yourself with your objectives and pursue them. Instead of overwhelming yourself, simply set one goal for January and focus on that goal every day.

If it is supplementation, simply decide to take your supplements each day for the whole month and see what changes you will achieve from that. Obviously, there is a reason you are not tackling everything at once and you probably won’t be able to.

Make Your Plan Of Action

Once you have decided on a goal you want to pursue; the next step is to create a plan of action for that goal. Going by the above example of supplementation, consider what time would be best to take your pills, how you will take them and how you will measure their results. You could choose to take them at breakfast, lunch or supper, carry them along to work and get a plush packaging to keep them reachable.

If you want to take them immediately before going to sleep, you can place them right next to your bed, or if you intend to use them during the workout, simply place them in your workout bag.

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Eliminate The “Domino”

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Domino is a contemporary term used to refer to that thing that compromises your efforts to lose weight and conform to your resolution plans. Most people’s domino is alcohol while others have different dominos including watching TV programs, reading novels, chatting and listening to music among much more.

Alcohol reasonably makes one susceptible to unhealthy eating and laziness towards exercising. All the other dominos also distract you from doing what you should be at a given time of the day. Identifying and eliminating the domino is crucial if you are going to have effective resolutions.

Since you already have mental willingness to lose weight, the only reason stopping you is the little things in your routine that are disruptive and distractive. You may not notice it but dominos are the biggest impediment to any successful plan so you must strive to eliminate it entirely if possible, or 70% worst scenario.

Gather Your Tools

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If you are going to run without stopping, do you have running shoes that are comfortable? Are there trails you can use? Do you have spare time to spend and have you calculated how long you need to run to lose a given weight?

Before engaging your resolutions, make sure you have the necessary tools. Find high-quality supplements, pill boxes and charts for monitoring progress, purchase necessary supplies and tools needed to facilitate a given objective.

Seek Support And Easier Ways Of Achieving Goals

The workout hours may be cutting into your social life and some training classes are simply boring. It is also quite hard to maintain the discipline involved in achieving weight loss and you may just end up relapsing into your old ways sooner rather than later. Therefore, you need to seek out support.

Start by writing down things that compromise your resolutions and how you can go around them without feeling all alone. You can recruit your buddy to a gym or training class so you at least have a social life. Make sure you both have the same goals to make it more supportive and enroll in classes that seem interesting and fun.

Run Without Stopping To Lose More Weight

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Although there are various recommended ways to lose weight, one that never fails is running especially if you never do it at all. There are always opportunities to run and you do not have to move at lightning pace. Simply integrate small runs every chance you get especially when you are at home.

Run to the backyard or into the swimming pool, run to the nearby shop when going to buy supplies, run up the stairs, to the kitchen and anywhere that has got the space and distance. Once you know how long you need to lose a given amount of weight, you can simply keep small runs in your routine and monitor progress. It is more convenient unlike attending gyms and classes as you can run to any place.


There are various other minor steps and changes you can make to have effective resolutions. Tell someone about your goals and promise them you will put sufficient effort to achieve the goals. This accountability is important psychological fortification required to keep you focused on implementing your strategies.

Find ways to monitor weekly progress as this will not only help you identify areas of improvement but can be a motivation when you realize the plan is working and you are shedding away extra pounds. More importantly, build on your foundation and do not let your priority goal of the month fall apart. This will go a long way into sticking to your weight loss resolutions.

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