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Just like men, women also experience hair loss problems. The primary reason for hair loss among women is stress.

After that, hormonal changes during pregnancy or aging can be the secondary reason. No matter what the reason is, hair loss among females has severe mental and psychological effects.

However, it is now possible to treat hair loss among females with the help of hair transplant surgery.

Here a very common question arises regarding the eligibility of women for hair transplants.

The answer to this question is yes. Women can also have a hair transplant but the procedure is slightly trickier than that of men.

This is the reason that men are more likely to opt for hair transplants than women. But just because a treatment is very popular among one gender does not mean it cannot be opted by another gender.

Let’s analyze the female hair transplant procedure in detail.

Hair Loss in Females

Female hair loss is not similar to male hair loss. The pattern of hair loss is different among women. Female hair loss tends to occur due to the miniaturization of hair follicles and starts around the crown.

Unlike men, women do not suffer from complete baldness. Pattern baldness is common among females. They will observe their parting becoming wider, hair thinning at the temples, and excessive hair loss.

Female Hair Loss Treatment

There are many female hair loss treatments available nowadays that can stop hair fall and promote regrowth of hair. Hair transplant in Dubai is also one of the possible solutions but it is not very common.

One of the most common hair loss treatments for women is a course of Rogaine or Minoxidil. These topical medications have proven to be effective against hair loss in a large number of women. Minoxidil helps prolong the hair growth which facilitates the hair to grow to its full density.

Female Hair Transplant

Female hair transplant is a conditional procedure. Generally, the type of hair loss from which a woman is suffering determines whether hair transplant surgery is the right option or not.

As the hair loss among women is more likely to spread out, it means a large number of donor’s hairs are required to fill the thin areas. The bigger the treatment area is, the larger the donor area will be.

Hence, the surgery will take a lot of time which will increase the cost too. It is because the cost of a hair transplant is calculated per graft base.


Women can have hair transplant surgery just like men but the procedure is more complicated and trickier as compared to men.

Therefore, it is very rare for women to sign up for hair transplants. They mostly prefer alternative hair loss procedures like Rogaine or laser hair loss therapy.

Nowadays a new hair loss treatment has been introduced known as autologous micrografting progenitor cell therapy.

Consult with a dermatologist before choosing any treatment options because every treatment has certain side effects that you must know.

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