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Have you been thinking about undergoing a hair transplant but you’re not sure what to expect? Well, according to, a normal person loses about 50-100 strands of hair per day. However, this usually goes unnoticed because new hair is constantly growing to replace the worn-out strands. Unfortunately, people with hair loss experience the serious problem of having bald spots or areas with thinner hair due to imbalances in the hair growth cycle. If you are experiencing hair loss and you would like to undergo a hair transplant procedure, look no further than Dr. Thomas A. Law. This is one of the leading experts when it comes to hair transplant NYC. Here is what you can expect after a hair transplant procedure:

1. Slight pain or discomfort

Depending on the hair transplant method that you choose, you might experience some slight pain or discomfort once the local anesthetic wears off. However, don’t worry because this symptom should only last for a few days. Your doctor may prescribe some mild painkillers to help to reduce the discomfort. As a highly reputable Bay Area hair transplant clinic, we usually encourage our patients to sleep with their head elevated on their pillows. Equally, you may be advised to put on a special surgical dressing over the scalp for some period. It is critical to note that for those who opt for the follicular unit grafting method, they are usually required to return to the clinic within the first ten days for examination. If you didn’t know, this is the time your doctor will remove the stitches used to close the donor area.

2. You might have to refrain from vigorous activity

A hair transplant is a minor survival procedure that might require you to refrain from vigorous activity for a few days as you allow your scalp to heal. Be sure to ask your doctor what type of activities you should avoid during the healing period.

3. You might experience some minor shedding

As your scalp heals, it is normal to observe some minor shedding within the first few days. This shouldn’t worry you because only a small number of hair follicles will shed during the healing process. Rest assured that the vast majority of the transplanted follicles will remain in place and later grow into healthy strands of hair.

4. You should be careful with hair products and hair styling

Immediately after your hair transplant, it would be wise to avoid harsh shampoos and hair products that could irritate the skin. You could ask your doctor to recommend mild hair products which will be gentle to use on your scalp during the healing period. When it comes to hair styling, do your best to avoid dyes and chemicals during the healing period. You should also abstain from excessive pulling of the hair or other forms of manipulation which might interfere with the transplanted follicles. (See also: How Your Lifestyle Can Impact The Health Of Your Hair)

5. The healing time may vary

When most people go for hair transplant procedures, they expect to see immediate results. In reality, it may take a few months for the transplanted follicles to fully grow and develop into healthy strands of hair. During this time, it is important to be patient and follow your doctor’s instructions so as to achieve the best possible results.

6. You should look out for warning signs

Just like any other surgical procedure, you need to be quite keen to observe any red flags during the post-operative period. If you notice any excessive bleeding, persistent pain or swelling, be sure to contact your doctor immediately.

7. The re-growth may not begin after this period.

On most occasions, the hair will not start re-growing after the first month of your surgery. Most patients usually get disappointed by this scenario. However, it should be noted that ultimately, your hair will start developing during either the second or third month. It calls for being patient before you can start enjoying your new beautiful hair.

The Bottom Line.

Research has shown that individuals suffering from balding and thinning hair usually suffer from low-esteem, stress and even desperation. Hair transplantation offers you an opportunity to restore and enhance your hair and boost your confidence. Simply put, the potential benefits of hair transplant are numerous.

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