Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, has been making a name for itself in the field of alternative medicine for its various effects and impact on health that is praised by a lot of its users.

Some unfamiliar with the chemical compound, of course, might be a bit skeptical of its benefits, especially since it’s made from marijuana.

This article will help you dispel the myths and misconceptions about CBD oil and hopefully get to shed light on its various effects on the body.

Uncovering these could hopefully help answer if CBD oil can really help you with your overall health, and perhaps help you see if you should take the option with a physician for you to take the product.


First, a few fast numbers on CBD. It’s estimated that the global market for CBD will actually grow to $2.1-billion as early as 2020 thanks to its growing popularity.

Due to the legalization of medical marijuana in some states and countries, the overall approach towards the regulation of CBD is also considered fuzzy for now, and more changes are expected to come for CBD users – which is evidently something to watch for.

So, can CBD oil really help with your overall health? Here are a few insights:

  • It can relieve anxiety: If you’re in need of an alternative way of managing your anxiety, perhaps CBD tinctures can help do the trick. Studies suggest CBD oil may actually be able to “alter” the brain receptors’ response to serotonin, and may actually influence you to have less stress, have fewer incidences of anxiety symptoms, reduce the impact of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and even help you sleep if you have insomnia.
  • It can help with seizures and neurodegenerative disorders: If you know someone who’s suffering from seizures, perhaps they may have shared the possible benefits of CBD oil in helping to manage its symptoms. If not, a study actually currently observing the efficacy of CBD in reducing seizures of epileptic volunteers. Other studies are also observing just how CBD can help improve the lives of others with neurodegenerative disorders, or disorders that cause nerves and the brain to deteriorate. As such, CBD oil is also being seen as a potential treatment for stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It can relieve pain and acne: Given how CBD oil can affect the brain’s receptors, researchers are also checking on the likelihood that CBD may also be able to help manage and mitigate pain. If proven, CBD may actually help relieve pain from spinal cord injuries, muscle pain, multiple sclerosis pain, chronic pain, and arthritis. To take it a step further, studies have also shown that CBD oil is capable of preventing activity in the sebaceous glands, potentially being a solution for those who have bad acne problems.
  • It may be able to treat cancer: Some studies are also looking into the potential of CBD oil into being able to treat cancer, as it’s been discovered that CBD shows promise when it comes to actually combating carcinogens or cancer cells. CBD and other cannabinoids in marijuana have shown signs of being able to suppress the spread, cultivation, and growth of cancer cells in the body.
  • It may have side-effects: Of course, given CBD oil has yet to have been fully studied, scientists are also on the lookout for potential side-effects. While there are no major risks that are known to users, there were observable side effects. These include insomnia and irritability related to withdrawal, low blood pressure, hallucinations, dizziness, and depression. More human tests are needed to fully observe the side effects of CBD oil but unfortunately, not a lot of studies are being conducted into the direct nature of CBD oil.

 The Takeaway:

When it comes to CBD oil it’s important to remember that one shouldn’t immediately take it just because of rumors or encouragement from people around them.

If you have friends or relatives who suggest using CBD oil, remember to always be careful before consuming it not just because it’s made from marijuana, but because other substances inside it may not be suitable for your body.

When it comes to personal care, it’s still better to be aware of the risks and assess them properly before ever deciding on embarking on consuming any form of alternative medicine, including CBD oil.

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About The Author:

Blake Luvo is the Director of Digital Marketing with Functional Remedies. He has worked in the digital business for 20 years and is a strong advocate for CBD oil, having found much relief by taking CBD for a debilitating health challenge that he has lived with for nearly 25 years. Blake lives with his wife and 3 children in WA state where he hikes in the North Cascades, cares for a small organic orchard, meditates, and never stops asking ‘What can we do to help those in need?’

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