The gifting season and the holidays are around the corner. Wondering what to give to your friend who loves marijuana? If you’re suffering from budget constraints, then you are probably confused to figure out what to buy without burning a hole in your pocket.
Well, to ease your burden, we have rounded up 10 gifts that you can give to your pot loving friends to make their holidays all the more exciting. (See also: Valentine’s Gifts For Your Girl Friend)

1. CBD Lip Balm:

With the holiday season comes the dry season where you can feel your lips dry and chappy. Well, CBD lip balms provide your lips with ample of moisture and heal the damage done by detrimental effects of sun and wind. Being very pocket and budget-friendly, these are a great gifting option.

2. Cannabis Snacks:

Cannabis is lately infused with several food items to consume cannabis in the edible form. This can be a perfect snack to munch on while sitting idle, and your friends would love them too. There are many cannabis munches on available on the market in different flavors like CBD Gummie Bears, Cannabis chips, CBD Lollipops, so how about gifting them something offbeat?

3. Cone Artist Spliff & Cone Rolling Tool:

One of the most cost saving and the most stylish gift is the cone artist spiff and cone rolling tool. It helps to perfectly roll up your weed and smoke in your favorite papers. Easily roll it, stuff it, light it and puff it up in style!

4. CBD Lotion:

CBD can do wonders for your skin. It makes your skin soft, supple and will keep it rejuvenated. It can be used to cure allergies, cancer, eczema and several other problems. What’s better than gifting something that will cure many of your beauty apprehensions?

5. Rolling papers:

Please your friends with unique rolling papers to help them roll the best joint. Chose some quirky rolling papers in different colors and gift them to your friends who like to stay ‘high’. This will certainly help to boost their smoking experience.

6. Vaporiser:

One of the trendiest products these days, this can be a good gifting option. It is helpful for puffing cannabis and also minimising harmful effects of smoking it. It looks voguish, beneficial and is an ideal gift for all the pot lovers.

7. Upline taster:

This is an amazing fancy product. The elements present inside it help to filter the smoke and pass through easily taking away the harshness. It helps to enjoy the flavors without the jarring element. This is a product that you should be in every person’s pocket who smokes the herb. So why not gift this essential?

Now, that you have some unique cannabis goodies to gift your friends, go get them now.

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