Spend Quality Time With Your Child

YOLO. You only live once. This is a phrase often heard from that young’ uns who travel around the world, experiencing every new thing. But YOLO isn’t only relevant to them. Parents should learn to live the YOLO life. Most of us are ever so busy working, getting through each day, that we seem to forget the people for whom we’ve been slaving away for – our kids. Time flies by so fast. Each year that your kids grow, time seems to double in speed. In a blink of an eye, they’ll be too busy living their own lives to spend time with you.

Did you know how many Saturdays there are from the time your child was born to the time they’ll be in college? 940. If you’ve been too busy working or occupied with other activities, you may already have missed more than a hundred of those Saturdays already! Weekdays are no different. You probably only have an hour or two to spend with your kids and most of the time, you’re on your phone, cooking, or doing some other chore.

How are your kids going to get to know you if you don’t spend time with them? How are YOU going to get to know your kids if they don’t get to spend time with you? What will their memories of childhood be like if you’re always buzzing around them and not giving them quality time? Obviously, you need to take the time to be present with your kids. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive vacation to Disneyland or something of the sort. Below are some budget ideas to get your going:

#1: Have a family game night

Go old school and buy a board game. There are a lot more of them now that you can choose from. Most board games take just half an hour to play. Such a small time frame that can be filled with sounds of laughter from your child.

#2: Go on a picnic

Why not visit the park on a lazy Saturday or Sunday and enjoy a picnic? It’s a great way to ensure your kids spend time outdoors. You can bring a tarp with you to sit down on (or lie down after that delicious meal). You can even bring a ball or frisbee and get some exercise with your kids.

#3: Camp out in the backyard

Who says you need to drive to a national park to go camping?Just get a waterproof tarp, lay it down on the ground, and put some sleeping bags on top. You can spend part of the night sharing secrets and scary stories while stargazing.

There are so many other simple activities that you can do to make sure that your child gets the attention he or she deserves. YOLO. You only live once. Make the best of it by spending time with your kids.

#4: Pick fruits and make a jam

There are fruits that need harvesting every season. Why not go apple picking or strawberry picking with your kids? You get to spend time outdoors and then afterward, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor by making a jam or a delicious pie. The memories you’ll be making will last a lifetime.

#5: Go on a nature walk

Sometimes, the best memories are the ones where we spent time with someone just talking about whatever comes to mind. A nature walk will enable us to foster an appreciation for nature with our kids while giving us true quality time to talk one-on-one with no distractions around. (See also: Best Equipment to Keep While Hiking)

#6: Go to the zoo

Don’t you remember your parents taking you to the zoo? It’s probably one of your favorite childhood memories. Most kids, especially the little ones, love animals. The zoo is probably one of the few places where they get to have all the things they love at the same time – animals, you, and snacks.

#7: Have a pizza-making party

Pizza, for kids, is one of the best meals ever. Some adults feel the same way. So, why not make an activity out of something you all love? As an added bonus, you’ll be teaching your kid an essential life skill that he or she will need to survive on their own.

#8: Play your child’s favorite game

Even if this is not your favorite activity, taking the time to get to know your kid’s interests will make its mark on him or her. Have them teach you how to play. It’ll make a world of difference in how they see you.

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Megan is a writer, a DIY geek, a camping lover and a happy mom of 2 who works with Grizzly Tarps. She writes just about anything, from giving you an advice on how to go about your date to share her personal experience in raising her kids.

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