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[True or False] Hyaluronic Acid Serum can be used to Treat Skin Burns?

Skin Burns Treatment

What is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by the body, which functions to retain water and moisture in the skin to maintain proper tissue lubrication. The biggest benefits of hyaluronic acid are the substance’s ability to seemingly preserve youth; keeping the skin supple and firm, with enough plumpness that it does […]

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Using DBT Skills to Treat Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Featured Image

Originally created to help individuals struggling with self-harming behaviors or suicidal ideation, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) can be a vital element of any binge eating disorder therapy or bulimia nervosa therapy program. This therapeutic model uses evidence-based assumptions that self-destructive and impulsive behaviors take over a person’s life when they are unable to manage strong, […]

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Three Reasons Most Intervention Shouldn’t Be DIY

Drug intervention Featured Image

While connecting with loved ones is important to family growth and positivity, some cases deserve professional care. Drug intervention takes many forms, but not all forms are created equal. Sometimes, drug and alcohol intervention fails. Still, thousands of family members per year approach their loved ones with the best intentions during a crisis. The trouble […]

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When to Seek Residential Eating Disorder Treatment for Teens

eating disorder Featured Image

Eating disorders are very complicated and serious mental health conditions that can affect people of any age. However, they typically develop in adolescence or early adulthood. Research shows 95 percent of people who experience eating disorders are between 12 and 25 years old. While most parents have heard about common eating disorders, such as anorexia […]

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How Can Chiropractors Help You Regain Health And Mobility After A Back Injury?

Back Injury Featured Image

After a traumatic incident like a car accident or a risky fall, your bones, nerves, and muscles can take a hit. You might experience lingering back pain, joint mobility problems, recurrent headaches and stiffness of muscles after an incident like that. Apart from quick imaging tests and medication, these problems call for expert intervention. These […]

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