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[Press Release] How Do I Apply for the Excelsior Scholarship?

How Do I Apply for the Excelsior Scholarship

Whether you are looking to earn an associate degree or bachelor’s degree immediately out of high school, or if you are considering returning to school, online education is something to consider. Pursuing a higher education online offers individuals greater flexibility and, generally, more financial security by which to achieve their goals and earn their credentials […]

Charite University Hospital – The Leading European University Clinic

Charite University Hospital

The Charite University Hospital in Berlin is invariably ranked first among German and European university hospitals. Specialists from the Charite provide medical services to over 150.000 inpatients and over 1.000.000 outpatients annually. This number includes patients from abroad, as foreigners often visit the Charite in the search of unique and innovative treatments. The Charite University […]

[Press Release] Health Insurance in Dubai is Sponsor’s Responsibility

Health Insurance

Now in its 6th year of implementation, Dubai’s 2013 Health Insurance Law No (11) stipulates that it’s mandatory for employed residents to have medical insurance coverage. The employees’ sponsors (employers) are the ones responsible for the payment of basic health coverage. It’s critical for residents to understand the benefits of their insurance packages, and learn […]