Wanting to Get Back into Shape

Having a baby is a wonderful experience. Maybe you don’t enjoy midnight feedings or cranky babies, but you love your child and everything about them. The bonds you make with your child during this time are imperative to your relationship growth.

After a few months, you might start to feel the need and desire to get back into shape. There are many ways you can obtain this goal. You can run, hike, bike, swim, and even go to the gym for a workout, but what if you want your baby to be with you?

young mother walking with her baby

Jogging is the best way to achieve this goal. By choosing the best double jogging stroller, you and your babies are able to hit the trails and parks to get you back into shape while keeping your little ones close.

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What Stroller is Best for You?

Double jogging strollers are made for two children to sit next to each other while allowing you to jog behind. If you have one child, a single jogger will work best for you, however, if you plan to have children close together (or do) then the double jogging stroller is the best option to invest in.

The seats are made with durable material to keep baby comfortable and happy. These strollers usually have a 5-point safety harness which also keeps your children safe and secure.

You might want a stroller that can handle dirt paths and concrete, so you’ll need a double jogging stroller that has an excellent suspension and a pivoting front wheel. You will also be looking for a slimmer design to allow others to pass beside you.

The stroller you need is based on the number of children you are bringing with you, or plan to bring with you. This will determine if you require a single or double jogging stroller.

Features to Look for in a Stroller

There are a few main features I recommend looking to when considering a double jogging stroller. I would look for a sun visor that is adjustable, a tray for each child and parent, reclining seats, and a durable material and frame.


The sun visor is an important feature that will almost always come with a double jogging stroller. Keeping the sun off your child will prevent sun damage, sunburn, and irritation. Children will often become irritable and fussy when they get hot, so the sun visor is a great way to protect them and keep them happy.

Trays are my favorite things for strollers. I’m not even lying! Being able to keep sippy cups and bottles along with snacks and small toys to keep my babies entertained is a life saver! I also like the bonus that if they do somehow, someway, become unbuckled, the tray stops them from falling out of the stroller.

Reclining seats are a great feature for children of all ages. If you want to run during naptime, you can! Most stroller seats will recline flat or almost flat to let children sleep comfortably. The flat position is great if you have newborns or babies who cannot sit up on their own yet.

You want a stroller that is going to last a while and hold up through the usage. For this, you should consider a frame made of aluminum, carbon, or steel. Plastic strollers cannot hold up to rugged terrains and prolonged use. Aluminum and carbon are both lightweight and easy to travel with and carry. Steel is heavier but holds up to a lot more use than plastic does.

Steel strollers tend to be heavier and larger in size compared to aluminum and carbon strollers. You can find aluminum and carbon strollers that can fit through doorways and narrow paths easily.

Benefits of Your Children Jogging with You

Using a double jogging stroller is very beneficial to you and your kids. Bringing your kids along for your exercise allows them to feel included and be a part of your life. You are bonding with them, even if they sleep or play while you jog, you are with them.


Jogging together can also be a splendid time for learning. Along the way, point out animals or plants and teach your children about the outdoors. Help them understand the world around them by engaging them and allowing them to touch plants along the way.

Sing as you jog, but if you are not talented (like me) tell them a story. Talking stimulates your child’s’ brain and kicks it into the learning gear. Children become more open and aware of the world around them, and what you are saying and they begin asking questions and developing their minds.

Making it Happen

Look at the double stroller options you have and find the best model for you and your children. You can choose the features you desire in a stroller and the material that will best suit your needs (I prefer waterproof).
The proof lies within your kids, and when you jog with them, you are bonding and supporting their development and opening the world to them. A double jogging stroller provides you with the ability to spend time with your children and to still get the exercise you want!

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