How to Cope Physical Pain

Physical pain can be extremely intimidating. Whether it’s a sports injury or you woke up unexpected twinge, or it’s soreness after waking up, any form of physical pain can be very scary especially if you aren’t mentally prepared to handle it. Unfortunately, you get slammed at work, perhaps have to pick kids at school, the lawn requires your attention, and you have to get your car in the shop and go to your friend’s baby shower party. There is always something to do, and you don’t have enough time to nurse your sore throat! Well, even when busy, there are a few comprehensive pain management tips to help you cope with physical pain even when you’re busy.

Laugh and avoid crying

Distracting yourself from pain is among the best ways of tolerating it. Thus, it’s wise to replace the emotions of despair, turmoil, and anxiety with humor. Don’t be surprised that ‘humor therapy’ exists because laughter and humor have proven positive effects when it comes to dealing with pain. Here are tips to help you find humor during your busy life.

  • Whether at home or workplace, surround yourself with people who make you laugh
  • Take control of bad group conversations. Perhaps change the topic especially when everyone is complaining.
  • Send jokes or clips to your friends and close colleagues and laugh together.
  • Even when busy at work, make a funny joke, and you will laugh

Use relaxation and visualization techniques

Well, you can roll your eyes at words like ‘visualization’ and ‘relaxation’ especially if you lead a busy life, but most people, even ones battling with chronic pain have had some success through these techniques. For instance, a study proved that visualization helped reduce chronic pain in a woman’s thumb!

If you’re busy handling a certain task and your pain is distracting you, then try visualization exercise. Even if it doesn’t eliminate the pain entirely, at least the technique will distract you from the pain and get some time to finish what you were doing.

Minimize anxiety with knowledge

Have you ever realized that even physical is filtered through your mind? This is the reason mental techniques can significantly influence it. Keep in mind that overthinking about the pain can result in anxiety and fear. Thus, anticipating pain can just be bad, or worse, than feeling it.

Well, experts argue that most people prefer to get out of pain out of the way immediately so that they can avoid the anticipated consequences. Therefore, whenever you’re in pain, always do your best to dim the anticipated pain or anxiety. Once Mark Twain said, “I have had many worries in my life, but most of them never happened.”

If you feel anxious about anything, find out more information regarding the pain. Understanding the pain can lessen the mystery of the pain. According to experts, lack of understanding, which is one of the main cause of fear can be addressed by education. Even when busy, try to stay relaxed and try as much as you can to find out more about the pain, and you will feel relieved.

Remember, pain medication can be a double-edged sword

In most cases, uncontrolled pain can be a stressful experience. The experience can generate more stress and perpetuate and amplify pain. Thus, taking medication can help you recover very quickly. However, pain medication can also result in rebound pain in some cases. Therefore, you need to understand the drug, and it’s side effects before you take it.

Don’t focus on the pain

It’s wise to mentally separate the painful part of the body and the rest of your body. Shifting your focus from the pain will make it easier for you to accomplish your tasks in time and at the same forget the pain for some time.

Re-evaluate what needs to be done

Well, you may be very busy, but if you’re in pain, it’s wise to evaluate what exactly needs to be done rather than overworking. As much as you are busy, it’s wise to create some time and rest. Determine what needs to be done and prioritize your activities.

Managing physical pain especially when busy can seem more difficult than it is. The tips discussed in this article will help you to handle all your daily activities and still cope with pain.

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