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Detox • Weight Loss • Digestive Balance • Clear Skin • Immune System Repair • Restful Sleep • No Calories

Every delicious cup of Fit Life Tea starts with hand selected whole organic tea leaves harvested by sustainable farmers.

Our artisan tea makers skillfully blend premium quality green tea, flower blossoms, herbs and spices to create our all natural distinctive tea blends. The result is a delicate harmony of flavors, functionality, and aroma.

We offer Organic Teatox, Organic Energy, & Organic Sleepy teas. Our custom herbal tea blends promote dynamic health benefits that can be found nowhere else.

Get STARTED Today! Say goodbye to weight gain, bloating and digestive stress. Two daily cups of Organic Teatox can help burn fat, stimulate weight loss, boost your immune system and cleanse your digestive system.

Our pyramid tea bag excerpts extreme flavor to infuse essential oils and flavor into your cup. Steeping releases purifying dynamic ingredients that can relieve bloating and, combined with proper diet and exercise, help promote weight loss.

Our custom blended Organic Teatox has a ruby red color, sweet aroma, and distinctive fruity taste. And zero calories.

Why Fit Life Tea?

  • Burn Calories
  • Eliminate Toxins
  • Boost Energy
  • No Dieting

Ready for liftoff? Increase muscle energy and boost your mental agility with a stimulating cup of Organic Metabolic Energy Tea. It is filled with potent antioxidants and natural caffeine from sustainably grown whole green tea leaves blended with customary rainforest energy tonic.

Our pyramid tea bag extracts extreme flavor to infuse essential oils and flavor into your cup. Submerging releases powerful dynamic ingredients to help stimulate your body, energize workouts and increase calorie burn.

Traditionally blended Organic Metabolic Energy Tea has a golden color, lively citrus aroma and an earthy, slightly sweet taste. And zero calories.

Are you ready for a full night of sweet rest, instead of tossing and turning? Our Organic Sleepy tea was produced for just that purpose. Submerging releases relaxing ingredients to help relax your senses and charm you to sleep.

Our artisans crafted this rare, all natural Organic Sleepy Tea botanical blend made exclusively with sustainably grown, natural ingredients of the highest quality. Our pyramid tea bag extracts maximum flavor by allowing the petals of our entire flowers and uncut tea leaves to completely expand and infuse essential oils and flavor into your cup.

Caffeine-free Organic Sleepy Tea is a golden, sweet tasting tea with the floral fragrance of organically grown blossoms. And zero calories.

All of our tea blends are:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Tastes Delicious! Enjoy it hot or cold!

Every cup revitalizes your cells- quenches your cravings- and helps detoxing your body.

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