Coconut MCT Oil Powder

If you’re a diet freak and have been a fan of low carb/high-fat diet, you’ve probably heard of MCT oil powder.

It’s a healthy fat that your body needs to produce energy and keep you active all day long. For those who have no clue about MCT oil powder, here are some insights.

What is Coconut MCT Oil Powder

Healthy fats in the right quantity boost metabolism and control appetite. MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides is a form of saturated fats easily absorbed by the body used for energy production. It is primarily extracted from whole food sources like coconut and palm kernel.

Coconut MCT oil powder is the powdered form of MCT oil that is easier to consume. Since MCT oil is a powerhouse of benefits, it helps you stay full longer without getting stored as fat.

What’s more, it even helps in mental clarity and improved cognitive function.

Powdered MCT oil is not only lighter on your digestive system but is easy to use as well.

You can sprinkle some on your salad; add a spoonful to your workout drink or your morning coffee.

Here are some yummy recipes that you can try with MCT oil powder.

Add it to Your Drink 

It is one of the easiest ways to add MCT oil to your diet. Add a spoonful to daily tea/coffee, hot chocolate, soup, or whatever your drink is. It doesn’t alter the taste and adds a nice creamy texture to it.

Post Workout drink

It’s natural to feel drained after a workout because you lose water through sweat; therefore, the first thing you want to reach out to is a bottle of water.

Instead, you can easily prepare a yummy and refreshing drink. Just take coconut water, add some salt, and a spoonful of MCT powder with mint leaves and a slice of lemon.

It will serve as the much-needed energy booster and, at the same time, hydrate your body.

Coconut Pudding

If you have a sweet tooth and yet are diet-conscious, you can try this delicious coconut pudding.

Take a cup of milk, add MCT oil powder, a spoonful of Chia seeds, and mix all ingredients. Garnish with grated coconut and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Refrigerate for 20 minutes or so.

Once the dish has developed a thick creamy texture and its characteristic density, it’s all ready for you to dig in.

Chia seeds help to cool the body while coconut and MCT oil powder provide satiation because of the fats.

Pancakes or Waffle

Now this one is a super easy breakfast recipe.

Add a spoonful of coconut MCT oil powder to the waffle or pancake batter and serve it with fruits and sugar-free maple syrup or honey for a yummy breakfast to enjoy suppressed appetite, improved mental clarity, and sustained energy.

It’s win-win, indeed.

Use it in your sauces, Pizza/Pasta toppings, salad dressing, or as a flavoring agent.

Coconut oil powder is a simple ingredient that can be used in everyday cooking to make delectable recipes loaded with nutrition.

Health Benefits of Coconut MCT Oil Powder

There are many health benefits related to the use of coconut MCT oil powder. Most of them directly belong to mental and physical health.

1. Healthy Brain

MCT oil powder is diluted in the body quickly and converted into ketones by the liver.

Ketones provide fuel to our brains. This leads to improvements in cognitive function as we age.

2. Weight Loss

MCT oil powder increases the digestion functionality that causes the body to burn more calories through the digestion process, increasing resting energy expenditure.

Burning more calories in a quick time will lose your weight.

3. Energy Booster

MCTs positively affect the digestive system. Once increase digestibility, MCT oil powder is available as an energy source after consuming.

4. Lowered Blood Sugar

MCT oil powder helps to improve blood sugar levels and play a potential role in diabetes management.

5. Lowered cholesterol

MCTs have an important part to play in helping to protect heart health by lowering cholesterol.

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