Failure to Wear a Mask is Senseless

Recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  would lead one to believe that the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is getting out of control Many people are still refusing to ignore CDC guidelines, particularly the wearing of masks.

In this article, I have come up with six reasons why people care very little about masks and what they should consider.

#1 Failure to wear masks is suicidal ideation: Some people may have thoughts of committing suicide. They are depressed and experience frequent mood disorders. Walking around without a mask is just one possible way to end one’s life.

#2 Failure to wear masks for some, is macho, prideful, and untrendy:  Some who refuse to wear masks think to do so, reflects weakness. It does not go well with one’s attire and personality, despite efforts to customize covers in unique and creative designs that are now more than equal to a fashion statement.

#3 Others feel it is a violation of their rights. This, of course, depends on whom one asks. For some, it is a violation of their First Amendment rights, and for others, it’s a form of resistance by people because they dislike others telling them what to do, as pointed out in the “The Psychology-behind-Why-Some-People-Wont-Wear-Masks” by Dr. David Abrams, a clinical psychologist, and professor of social and behavioral science at New York University’s School of Global Public Health.

#4 Lack of critical insight. While there is no need for a degree to interpret statistical data on the coronavirus, it begs the question that some may need to critically analyze that data to think deeply about the social, political, and economic impact on states and the country. As one consumer shopping for masks states, “It’s not rocket science, we need to wear the mask!”. Furthermore, according to Professor Lydia Bourouiba of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “sneezes, emitted with the highest momentum, can reach up to 26 feet. Coughs can reach up to 19 feet”.

#5 There is a blatant lack of concern for front line workers and their families. This, of course, is the feeling one gets when they see people strutting around without masks. While doctors are upholding the Socratic oath to treat patients with all care and attention, there is no reciprocal relationship between patient and doctor beyond therapeutic medical care. Therefore, each health care worker must exercise due care and attention when dealing with an influx of patients, some of whom are critically ill.

From the onslaught of the virus, the CDC cautioned all health workers to take the stance that setting that every person is potentially infected or colonized with a pathogen that could be transmitted in the health care setting”.

Hospitals are now utilizing telepresence robots to interact with patients, thereby preventing “medics and nurses from getting the virus and limit the spread”.

The Lost of Life

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

What do people need to Consider?

There is a caveat to this way of thinking. There may be something that people who do not wear masks may want to consider.

  • Are they prepared to meet their creator? This is a thought that some people who have passed on would have liked the chance to contemplate. Before choosing not to wear a mask individuals should ponder over these words “It is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).
  • People who failed to wear a mask must evaluate their financial situation about funeral expenses. In some states, like New York, cremation packages start at $485.The traditional funeral expense exceeds $8.000 without the cost of a cemetery plot. Besides, they should be mindful of the financial burden that will be placed on other family members if they are not economically stable. To this end, family members may be forced to set up a Go Fund Me page.
  • The phrases used to describe the present state of the virus, such as “raging forest fire”, “a receipt for disaster”, and “a freight train out of control” are not mere clichés; there is great uncertainty about the future of the disease.  Furthermore, asymptomatic people, while they are not showing signs of the disease, should live in fear as their health may be further compromised as they get older. If we want to get on with our lives and enjoy God’s creation as much as possible, it behooves everyone to act responsibly. What is noteworthy, a study from the University of Glasgow. A statistical measurement used called “Years of Life Lost (YLL)  revealed that the virus has already shortened the life expectancy rate of both men and women by 10 years.
  • If curfews, shut-ins, and lockdowns are too much, wearing a cloth mask as opposed to wearing a gas mask should be a no brainer. Those who cannot wear a mask because of underlying conditions should adopt strategies that would help to protect themselves and others.
  • Those who refused to wear masks, and have worked to accumulate wealth for themselves, must consider putting systems in place for their loved ones to access wills and testaments and other transfer documents in the likelihood of their passing or becoming incapacitated because of unforeseen problems that they may face as a result of the COVID-19 virus.
  • No man is an island; we are all dependent on each other. Essential workers across various industries help to provide necessities. Having bread, milk, cereal, and so on is a blessing since there are still those who put on masks to work for the good of themselves and others.

Failure to wear masks simply boils down to being senseless, uncaring, and spiteful!

About The Author:

I am a board-certified humanities teacher and A curriculum developer. I am also the director of the Youth and Government program at my school. I am particularly interested in writing articles related to education and societal issues.

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