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Most of us go through times when we feel depressed, lonely, and sad and these often happen due to the regular ups and downs of life. These are normal reactions to loss, to the struggles of life, or to our hurt self-esteem.

However, there are times when these feelings get overwhelming; they can at times lead to physical symptoms which can last for a rather long period of time.

Such physical symptoms can bar you from leading a regular life. This is when you should think of seeking medical help or discussing the symptoms with an online counselor.

However, before you go speak to a psychologist, you can take online screenings to see if you’ve experienced some of the symptoms of depression. Tests like the one provided by can help you identify signs of depression.

Additionally, below are some of the most common signs to look out for and a quick analysis regarding these signs.

Symptoms of depression to watch out for

Recognizing and understanding the symptoms is the key as there are many people who ignore these symptoms as a part of normal reactions.

Here are a few symptoms that you may find worth detecting.

  1. Remembering details, trouble in focusing on things and making important decisions
  2. Feelings of worthlessness, unnecessary guilt, helplessness
  3. Fatigue
  4. Hopelessness and pessimism
  5. Irritability
  6. Insomnia
  7. Loss of interest in doing things that brought in pleasure
  8. Restlessness
  9. Loss of appetite or overeating
  10. Pains, headaches, aches, or cramps which don’t seem to cure
  11. Continuous feelings of sadness, anxiety, and emptiness
  12. Digestive issues which don’t seem to improve with treatment
  13. Suicidal attempts or thoughts of suicide

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Detailed analysis of a few symptoms

Here are a few of the depression symptoms that you should never ignore. Take a look:

  • Trouble while sleeping: Although people suffering from depression are usually slow in motivation and demeanor depressed people still lie awake during the night as they’re not able to sleep. There are even some people who may find it really tough to get out of their bed for long periods of the day.
  • No interest in favorite activities: There are some people who take to their hobbies whenever they feel sad but when you take into account someone who is suffering from depression, you will find him staying away from activities that previously brought him pleasure. If someone used to love spending time with his grandchildren, you’ll suddenly find him staying away from them.
  • Increase in negative energy: Whenever people suffering from depression tend to make a decision, something drastic like killing themselves or committing suicide, they can suddenly become energetic straightaway from being lazy. This is because they get a relieving feeling in being able to resolve at least something in their lives.
  • Altered appetite: While there are some people who overeat when they feel anxious or depressed, but among people who suffer from depression, the opposite is true. A person who is depressed might suddenly stop eating as he will no longer be considered in his normal physical well-being. You may also find the person disregarding his own sense of hygiene.

The process of diagnosis

There is no such ‘depression test’ which a doctor can use in order to check whether you have it and hence you need to figure it out through a physical exam or a history.

Few things that your doctor would want to know are:

  1. When the symptoms began
  2. How severe they were and how long they lasted
  3. Whether mental health issues and depression run within the family
  4. Whether there is a history of alcohol or drug abuse
  5. Whether you had similar depression symptoms before and how properly they were treated

Treating depression

In case your health physician rules out any physical cause for the symptoms, he may start treatment on you or he might refer to some other mental health professional.

This is the specialist who can determine the best form of treatment for you. Psychotherapy can also work for you.

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Therefore, if you’re someone who has a loved one who is suffering from depression, you can watch out for the above-mentioned symptoms and get them treated. Seek the help of a counselor or a psychotherapist who can show you the right way out.

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