Talking about sweets, there are many popular sweets and desserts that are loved by people in India. India is a diverse country and there are plenty of sweet dishes that are loved by people. Everywhere you go, you can find different types of sweet cuisines and regional specialties. Anyhow, if you want to take a quick walk through some of the most popular sweet dishes of India, keep on reading:


These are white balls of sponge that are richly dipped in sweetened syrup. A popular sweet shop owner named N C Das invented rasgullas. This recipe is still followed in most of the old ‘mishtis’ shops of Kolkata. Of course, if you want to try out this dish at home, you can try to prepare it. The dish is really loved by everyone. Of course, it has stemmed from Kolkata but that does not mean it is limited to this place. You can easily find this dish being served in all the corners of the country.


If you feel that gulabjamoons have something to do with roses then you are wrong. Yes, GulabJamuns has nothing to do with Gulab. These are deeply fried softballs made up of khoya that have been dipped in tasty sugar syrup.  You can try these out at home and it won’t be much difficult. You can count on Gulabjamun recipe in Hindi and try your hand on this delicious dish.

KajuKatli (KajukiBarfi)

Kajukatliis a Marwari sweet dish and it is well renowned all over India. These diamond-shaped sweet pieces are filled with the extensive flavor of cashew nuts. The barfi is absolutely scrumptious in its taste, flavor and overall make. Once you experience this barfi, you are going to fall in love with this. Of course, it is quite expensive but worth relishing.


Talking about Rabri, it is a specialty of Banaras. It is actually thickened milk with dry fruits and Kasar. You can find it really heavy and fulfilling. People even add dry fruits to this dish. The dish is thick with touch and absolutely finger-licking.


These are popular sweetmeats from the city of Agra. In case you go to Agra then make sure you embrace some Pethas apart from appreciating the charm of the Taj. These pethas are absolutely tasty and sweet.


Gujiya is also a deep-fried sweet snack that is made in north India. It is a filling of coconut and jaggery and these are stuffed inside dough balls. The sweet batter is fried and properly dipped in sugar syrup. The sweet dish is really rich and classy in its taste and looks.


Talking about Modak, it is a sweet-filled dumpling that is prepared in Maharashtra. Modak is the most relished sweet of Lord Ganesha. It is the reason that it enjoys a special status among Marathi population.

So, these were a few of the sweetmeats of India, there are much more like jalebis, Rasmalai, Gajjarkahalwa, almond barfi and much more.

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