If you are a busy parent with too many daily tasks to undertake in a given day, it’s likely that your marriage or relationship has become a bit too complicated and difficult to juggle alongside all of these contingencies. In addition to the excruciating back pains and headaches you may have to endure as a parent always on their toes, your romantic life is, more than likely, suffering as a consequent of this unending sense of business. Unfortunately, your case isn’t exceptional – studies show that by the end of the day, the majority of parents are too exhausted to even spend time with their children, let alone their partners, and instead need those scarce moments of peace to recuperate from the exigencies of the day.


With this in mind, it is absolutely vital that one takes care of oneself and one’s partner at every given opportunity; Valentine’s Day is, perhaps, one of those opportunities. Whether or not children are in the equation, stress can take its toll on a couple no matter how loving they may be, and that is precisely why seeing a professional for a session of registered massage therapy (RMT) may be one’s best bet, as far as Valentine’s celebrations go – doubtless, once they become privy to what a medical massage is and the benefits it can offer, many couples rush to their nearest RMT with the intention of healing themselves physically and mentally. Indeed, registered massage therapy offers a simple solution to complex problems.


Pain Alleviation And Stress Prevention

The skilled hands of an RMT will pinpoint precisely where the toughest knots in one’s back are, inducing a feeling of relaxation by stimulating nerve endings in the skin and tense muscle tissues. This process will also help improve upon one’s circulation. Massage therapy, in this way, significantly decreases stress-inducing hormones while stockpiling serotonin, thereby improving one’s mood. No doubt, this type of treatment can address, if not cure or prevent, the following ailments:

  • Pain from injury, strain, and tired muscles
  • Compromised immune systems
  • Inefficient blood circulation
  • Strained joint flexibility, inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Moderate to severe migraines

Nevertheless, the benefits of massage extend beyond individual, physical problems, and can impact people rather intimately on a psycho-social level, particularly when it comes to those who are romantically involved.

Relationship Bliss

A session with the right RMT scan leaves you and your partner feeling more attuned to each other’s wants and needs. Not only can a couple’s massage function as a way to be inundated with soothing affects and a generalized sense of shared relaxation, it can act as an alternative type of couple’s counseling for those in need of enriching their communication skills; during a session, both partners are engaged in an activity together, allowing a sense of connection and mindfulness to be cultivated in an extremely peaceful setting – it offers, in other words, the bliss that some couples cannot afford in other settings, particularly if they’ve children running around the household. In a sense, RMT is a brief vacation that doesn’t require extensive planning and can easily be penciled into any hectic schedule.

No matter how busy and disconnected you and your partner may feel, taking some time to make an appointment this coming Valentine’s Day can significantly alter and mend the dynamics of your relationship; even if the anxiety and logistics of having children, for example, have caused the romance to dwindle, registered massage therapy is certainly one way to rekindle a feeling of togetherness.

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Serena Smith is a beauty and fitness blogger and having writing experience in the beauty industry. she also teaches women and mothers how to live a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families using natural ways, like spa, massage.

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