Being overweight creates a huge mental pressure not all people can handle, but what is even worse is the fear of going to the gym. You just know everyone is going to stare at you, with their lean bodies and pumped muscles, while you sweat all over the treadmill and still get no results. That is why some avoid the gym and feel bad about it, creating even more stress that is most often relieved by eating. However, you do not have to go to the gym in order to work out – you can just do it in the comfort of your own home! Here is how.

The Benefits of Exercising at Home

Finding a proper gym can be quite challenging, which is why turning to your own home is a better idea. You do not have to worry about being scrutinized, nor do you have to spend time commuting in order to lift a few weights. Hence, working out at home is much cheaper and you can do it whenever you want. You can put on your favorite music, turn on Netflix or do some work while exercising. Finally, your training can last as long as you want – there is nobody there to judge you, remember?


Barbell Workout

This is probably the best and most affordable option out there and all you need is a barbell and a couple of weights and, let’s be honest, this is what every expensive workout machine ultimately comes down to. A barbell workout covers all body parts and muscle groups, but you will need a good workout routine to get you started.

Try focusing on different sets of muscles each day – start with the chest and shoulders the first day, switch to the lower-body the next and end with the arms and back the third. Be sure to include a rest day between each of these and spend time on full-body movements once a week. This way, you will ensure great results without having to spend a ton of money on a gym.

Dumbbell Workout

Similar to the barbell, dumbbells are a great help when it comes to working out at home. They are quite cheap but enable a wide range of exercises suitable for your living room. Moreover, they are quite enough for a full-body training and target almost all muscle groups, from quads and calves to biceps and triceps. Dumbbells are helpful even if you have just a couple of minutes left in your day.

Cardio Workout

People not accustomed to barbells, dumbbells and weights have a hard time adjusting to these exercises, even at home. That is why they more often choose a cardio routine that can be done in front of their TV and still result in an amazing body.

You can start with simple lunges and squats, continue with burpees and squat jumps, and end with a few yoga poses. These exercises are modest, yet effective, and are completed quickly. You can perform as many exercises and reps as you like, but keep pushing your limits and add more as time goes by. Another thing to remember is that you need good fitness clothes for a cardio workout – just because you are not at the gym does not mean that you should not dress appropriately, and only with adequate clothes will your exercises properly.


Results and Resolutions

If you keep this routine, you will start building muscles, feeling better and losing weight after two or three weeks, which will only make you more determined to continue exercising. And the fact that you do not have to travel home after an exhausting workout only makes it more enjoyable.

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