We do our best, when it comes to our skin, to take care of ourselves. Moisturizing, cleaning and doing whatever it takes to keep it looking healthy and young. At some point, age and environmental damage make our efforts ineffective. It’s that moment when you realize you might need more help. Being bombarded with thousands of ads telling us to try this or that makes our decision-making process break down. How do you choose?

Topical Lotions for Tighter Skin

Lotions, creams, and serums sound ideal for tightening the skin. They are far less expensive, easier to use, and have a painless application. Unfortunately, it is more of a dream than a reality. Yes, they are far less expensive than treatments through lasers or ultrasound or radiotherapy. They are also painless.

But are they as effective? Not by a long shot. To make a skin tightening serum really work, it would have to be used in conjunction with a clinical treatment like micro needling in order to get deep into the skin. Without that help, creams cannot penetrate deep down where collagen production happens. This type of treatment can only work on the mildest of skin wrinkling and only temporarily at best.

Laser skin tightening

This procedure uses a specific wavelength of light to deliver energy to the deeper layers of skin in order to promote collagen production and cause the skin to contract. The results are noticeable immediately after the procedure, but it doesn’t stop there. Because it stimulates collagen production, the skin continues to improve for as many as six months afterward. If your spa has ever used medical lasers on you before, you know how amazing the results can be. Skin tightening through lasers is minimally invasive.

Ultrasound skin tightening

Ultrasound therapy uses a system to transmit thermal energy down into the deeper layer of skin. leaving the surface skin intact. It causes the skin to contract and shrinks the excess skin. The process takes less than an hour and requires only one or two treatments, lasting for around a year. The treatment is not as dramatic as that of a laser treatment. Also, note that it is only FDA approved for usage on the face, neck, and jowls. This method is non-invasive and has no down time.

Plastic surgery to tighten skin

For the most dramatic results, there is plastic surgery. This method requires a surgeon to perform the procedure. The skin is tightened by cutting away excess skin and pulling the remaining skin taut. There is no disputing how significant the results are, but it comes at a price. The procedure is expensive, has a long recovery time, and comes with high risks and side effects. It takes around two months before it heals. This highly invasive method should be reserved for the most severe cases, not mild or moderate tightening.

Deciding what’s best for you

We can tell you some of the methods available and what each can do for you. Your next step should be to talk to your dermatologist or physician about it. Make sure you ask plenty of questions so you can be well informed about risks, side effects, and costs. Then choose the one

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