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Women across the country struggle to find a plan that can fit into their tight schedules and that will really give them results. We have done the work for you and made it an easy-to-follow plan. Every day, carry out this joint training, and you will notice the difference in a matter of weeks. Remember to also follow the nutrition advice we propose to you to the end!

Follow this simple and easy 5-day workout plan designed to make any woman look fit and get the results you’ve always wanted without having to go to the gym.

What you need:

The first thing you need is a little space: use your basement, or free up space in your living room or living room. You will need about 8 feet by 8 feet at least.

Time is an asset you definitely need to set aside to get results. Just 20 minutes from start to finish for these easy workouts.

You will also need cardiovascular equipment: dust from the old treadmill or static bicycle. If not, you can always use it with confidence jumping rope

You need weights of 2 weight plates or 2 large cans of soup pantry. Take 2 bottles of water if all else fails.

A chair or bench is also recommended. A sturdy low coffee table that also works. If you use a chair, just make sure you do not have wheels!

Day 1

3 Rounds:

60 jumps (or 3 minutes of cardio)

20 deep squats

60 jumps (or 2 minutes of cardio)

20 push-ups – it’s okay to do knee push-ups!

60 jumps (or 2 minutes of cardio)

20 abs

Day 2

3 Rounds:

3-minute jumps

20 top presses – use your two weights and make it move as far as possible

20 jumps

20 lunges

20 jumps

20 abs – put your arms over your head, and reach for the ceiling, at all times, you have to get to sit completely

Day 3

3 Rounds:

60 jumps (or 3 minutes of cardio)

10 squats with jumps

20 mountaineers – Switch from standing to “on your mark”

10 bounce thrusts

20 climbers

10 triceps presses – sit on the chair, place your hands on the edge, and slide off your butt to submerge and press out.

Day 4

3 Rounds:

3 minutes of jogging on the spot (or other cardio)

20 of the front and lateral arm raises, will use the 2 pesos; Keep your elbows stiff, raising your shoulders

Walk 20 thrust

20 jumps

10 knee push-ups, reaching the pecs are acceptable.

20 jumps

30 seconds plank hold – face down, support your torso upwards by your toes and forearms

Day 5

3 Laps from:

60 jumps (or 3 minutes of cardio)

20 squats of sumo – wide legs, toes pointing out

20 climbers

20 bicep curls – use your 2 weights, curving your arm at your elbow

20 jumps

20 triceps outs push – Use your 2 pesos, start with your arms up, and hands behind your head, pressing up to the ceiling.

How to Plan 20 Minutes


Reserve time in your day! These exercises will not take more than 20 to 25 minutes of your day. Carry out in the morning before preparing for the day, or during your lunch hour. Short, intense workouts are best for burning fat and improving strength and muscle tone.

Space of the 5 pieces of training throughout your week to have days of rest in the middle. Start with day 1 and 2, take a day off, and complete 3 and 4, then break again, and perform 5. Because they are so short, there is no problem in doing back again, especially since they are all unique.

Make this time your special time. There are a lot of other things you might be doing, so make the decision not to let anything stand in your way. This is the time for you to take care of your health, so do not let the children, the dinners, cleaning, or your work take away the priority you deserve.

Nutrition Tips

Recovery is the most important part of exercising because that’s when the real changes come and make you really happy.

It is rare for a person to burn fat while exercising. The fat burning actually happens afterward.

Here are tips on how and what to eat during and after your training program:

Eat both carbohydrates and protein before and after the training. Take a snack after exercising, even if you do not feel like eating well in away. The best results occur after the exercises. This is the recovery period. Eating within 30 minutes of your recovery period will cause you to crack your results. Keep an appetizer, or take a chocolate milkshake.

Eat frequently during the day. Prepare enough snacks you like to avoid your cravings. Chew carrots, celery, peppers, cucumbers, walnuts, almonds and more to keep going.

Protein must be eaten at every opportunity. Protein is helpful for building muscles and keep you fit.  Poultry is a great source of lean and healthy meat. Have eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you are on the right track.

Apart from this at-home workout plan, one can look for Newcastle GYM or the one in your region for extensive workout exercises.

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