Stay Healthy Even In Debt

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Debt, as it is, has a direct impact on your health and considering the other way round, being in debt does not mean you should neglect your health. You can even stay healthy in spite of being in debt, thanks to the easy access to the health care loans and other financial products that help individuals to avail the desired health care.

However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind at this point. With increased access to loan products, thanks to the liberal money lending policies, having too many debts can have serious adverse effects on your health.

It is an established fact and is even seen by the doctors and psychologists that:

  1. People who have a substantial amount of debts are more likely to have a high level of stress
  2. This leads to anxiety and depression that eventually leads to ill health.

According to them such illness does not limit to headaches but may include several other health issues and disorders such as:

  1. Inability to concentrate or focus on a job in hand
  2. Lowered level of performance
  3. Face problems with relationships
  4. Suffer from frequent colds
  5. Loss of sleep
  6. Overeating
  7. Having issues in their digestive system and metabolism
  8. Experience high blood pressure and even
  9. Suffer from different cardiovascular diseases that may lead to heart attacks and strokes.

These health issues due to debt are widespread and it is seen that in most of the times medicines cannot provide the proper cure due to lack of understanding the issues and its causes well. This lacuna is the result of the difficulty in planning suitable tests for these issues.

However, experts are of the opinion that a bit of wisdom in ancient Chinese medicine therapy can help in shedding some light on the specific mechanisms that are involved.

  1. This will also help the doctors and other health care professionals in providing a few tips and advice on how you can stay healthy in spite of being in debt and experience several other stressors on the long term.
  2. They also suggest that a bit of knowledge regarding these ancient Chinese medical sciences will provide the doctors with a view of the nature of health issues that debt can create according to the law of five elements.
  3. This knowledge will also help them to classify things according to the key characteristics and therefore help them to describe how these debt situations interact with the health of an individual.

These similar characteristics help them to reinforce each other by segregating the things that are different and influence one another by following a specific energy pattern.

Health effects of being in serious debt

Whether you take out a loan for your health from a traditional bank or any other alternative sources such as there are some serious health concerns when you are in serious debt condition. It is all due to the worry and anxiety that it will cause which more often than not goes on for a long time.

The pattern in which debt affects the health of a person is almost the same for everybody but the exact symptoms of such effects and issues may vary from one person to another. It solely depends on the individual strengths and weaknesses. The different health effects that debt can have on a person include:

  1. It will directly affect your digestive system because you will worry more which will, in turn, increase the energy of your digestive system and eventually the digestion process will become overstimulated. This means your digestive system will work harder than it is supposed to result in a number of digestive problems.
  2. It will also affect your heart, though indirectly. This is due to the extra draining of energy from your heart by your digestive system which will be overstimulated. This will affect your physical and mental activity, joy and happiness in a negative manner. You will not be able to focus or produce better and will feel let down, and even depressed.
  3. This will lead to greater risk for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure and in addition to that the low heart energy will also upset your sleeping and easily make you gain weight.

These are the most common signs and symptoms of debt affecting your health. However, these are in no way the only possible ones. The excessive high energy of your digestive system will also have other direct and indirect effects on your health including:

  1. Increasing your lung energy
  2. Diminishing liver and
  3. Reduced level of kidney energy

All these will have its characteristic associations, signs, symptoms, and illnesses according to Chinese and Western medicine concepts.

Ways to protect your health

Whether you are in debt or not, both Chinese and Western medicine agrees to the fact that that, even the slightest amount of stress can trigger all sorts of health issues. Fortunately, they also agree that there are a couple of simple ways that will help you to protect your health effectively when you are in great stress. These practices can be followed in addition to different debt stress management and relevant coping systems.

Before you turn on to a money lender to get a loan to foot your medical bills, check out your health insurance and know its coverage. If you know this inside and out you will not have to borrow more than you need to cover the deficit if any. It will also help you to know the fact that all health care providers work in a network. Therefore, call your insurance company before you enroll in any non-emergency health care engagement. This will ensure that you fulfill the pre-certifications in place that may be necessary.

Lastly, you can also enroll with a Health Savings Account or HSA provided you are eligible for one rather than turning towards a money lender. This is ideally a tax-favored account that is specifically designed for the employees that have high deductible health plans. This will help you to pay for any uncovered medical, vision, dental, and pharmacy expenses by making tax-deductible contributions.

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