Cardio workouts are extremely beneficial for your health as these workouts improve the function of your heart, lungs and respiratory system, they are also great for weight-loss and fat burning. Cardio workouts in general also speed up your metabolism, so you are likely to shed fat faster than you normally would.

Great Cardio Workouts That Are Proven Fat Busters

1. Walking / Running



It’s the most basic exercise of all exercises and the number one go-to exercise for everyone, be it beginners or professionals. It should be noted that these exercises also strengthen and build leg, thigh and buttocks muscles.

Depending on you, you can do this workout anywhere; at a park, on the street, on a track, or you could just invest in a good old fashioned treadmill and workout in the comfort of your home. Remember the best treadmill for home would be one that isn’t too large, is foldable, can be easily moved around and is easy to store.

2. Cycling



This is another cardio exercise that requires only minimal effort and is fairly easy to do. Not only do cycling exercises burn fat but are also great for toning and developing muscles.

It’s best to do cycling workouts on an exercise machine like a recumbent bike or a spin machine due to the high-intensity workout you would get when using these bikes. It should be noted though that there’s nothing wrong with using regular bikes however they don’t have some of the amazing features that a perfect recumbent bike or spin bike has, like timers and trackers to monitor exactly how many calories you burnt and the distance you’ve covered.

3. Rowing



This is a really intense workout and is not only a major cardio exercise but also a great muscle toning exercise. This exercise actively requires you to use your arms, legs, buttocks and core muscles hence you are burning fat in all these areas at once.

Nowadays it’s pretty hard to find a lake and a rowboat, but if you are lucky enough to find one then, by all means, go for it, but remember that if you are serious about wanting to burn calories, then a casual, leisurely row is not going to cut it. This is why it’s best to use a rowing machine due to you being able to control the intensity of your workout and also there’s no risk of you drowning, it’s a win-win.

4. Swimming



Swimming is an exercise and a fun leisurely activity wrapped up in one. With swimming you can enjoy the water and burn fat at the same time, so you are basically losing weight and enjoying it (yes it’s possible).

Though it’s important to note that you can’t just lounge around in the pool and expect to lose weight. You need to do many high-speed laps in order to actually burn any fat.

5. Skipping



You’ve been doing it since you were a child, it’s easy to do and all you really need is some rope. What makes this exercise so great is that no matter how fast or slow you skip you’re still getting a high-intensity workout thereby making it one of the easiest ways to burn fat.

Things To Remember in Order To Successfully Burn Fat When Doing Cardio Workouts

  1. Make sure that your workout is done at a medium to high intensity, as if not, then you really aren’t going to burn much fat.
  2. Remember that sweat is good, if you aren’t sweating during your workout then your exercise routine is too lightweight and you aren’t to burning much fat (sweating is a sign that fat is being burnt)
  3. Remember that all exercises from squats to Russian twists are great fat burning exercises and essentially all of them will help with weight-loss. However, the above-mentioned aerobics exercises are the best when it comes to cardio workouts for weight loss.
  4. Remember to never allow your body to cool down between sets as this will hinder the fat burning process due to the fact that you only burn fat when your body is heated. If your body cools off, you then have to reheat your body in order to restart the fat burning process.

All In All

If you are someone who wants to lose weight, then the above high-intensity cardio workouts make it rather easy for you to do so and even if you don’t really want to lose weight remember that it’s still great to do cardio workouts, just to strengthen your muscles, keep fit and stay healthy.

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