No matter how bigger your goal is; whether it’s about losing 20 pounds or 70 pounds, these tips will always prove beneficial for you in this never ending the journey of staying fit, Ladies. Follow these 5 tips and results are guaranteed. Take a look –

  1. Time your breakfast correctly.

Nothing can aid you better weight loss than breakfast itself. Breakfast should be the most prior thing on your to do list right after you wake up. It’s rightly said that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day and even more important when your goal is to lose weight. The main purpose behind having a breakfast as the first thing in the morning is to increase your metabolism rate. An early morning breakfast also helps in eliminating laziness during the day.

So, quickly freshen up and cook yourself some slow digesting oats and a get punch of quality protein with a couple of hard boiled eggs. Alternatively, you can treat yourself with a quick Whey Protein Shake if you don’t find enough time to prepare a large meal.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Yes, it counts. I understand how household chores and other stuff can affect your sleep in a wrong way but there’s no way you can achieve your weight loss goals by killing your sleep.


Lack of sleep will also adversely affect your diet habits. You will tend to consume more calories, especially carbs when you are tired and that’s not at all desirable.

And hence, it’s advised to get at least 7+ hours of sleep daily. You can also look for an extra hour of nap during the noon hours.

  1. Serve yourself more protein.

Choosing protein over your beloved carbs will be tough initially but over the period of time when you will see results coming, you will never hate protein.

Protein dishes may not provide you with great taste or aroma like others but they will provide you with something more important – Weight loss.


Moreover, protein will also help you to keep a check on your blood sugar levels.

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  1. Lift weights

Driven by popular disbeliefs, since decades, people have always discouraged weightlifting for women. But it’s the right time to break all the shackles and get the most out of weightlifting.

It’s good that you love your cardio regime but if you truly want to see fast results then you need to do something better than simple cardio which is lifting weights.


Not only will it improve your bone strength and burn calories fast but it will also give you those beautiful curves.

  1. Why sit if you can walk?

To be more precise, we don’t want you to become a COUCH POTATO or a lazy bunny.

You can also consider it as a reason to park your vehicle a bit further, taking stairs and do all other things that will burn more calories and eventually aid weight loss.

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