Sometimes being away from your job out of unavoidable circumstances such as sickness can weigh you down. You don’t have the guarantee that your position will still be waiting for you. This is because, even though you are sick, the office has to keep on running. Such thoughts can make you decide to go back to work even if your body has not healed completely.

You may experience chronic pain once in a while but by ignoring it will not make you better. Finding ways to cope with this pain will make your job run smoothly. Some people choose inappropriate ways of relieving chronic illness such as excessive use of painkillers. Avoid drugs for they can lead to addiction. Do not pretend that everything is okay but find ways of managing your physical pain so that you don’t lag behind at work. These mechanisms will come in handy when dealing with pain at work.

Start your day with manageable exercises

Start your day with manageable exercises

Suffering chronic pain should not be an excuse for you to relax. Kick off your morning with light workouts such as stretching. You can stand upright and bend till you reach your toes. This allows every part of your body to loosen up. It also helps you relieve tension in your muscles and joints. Do not strain excessively on exercises but focus on reducing pain through minimal sit ups and press ups. Get the right workouts using online videos so that you don’t harm your body or worsen the chronic pain.

 Check your breathing patterns

Check your breathing patterns

You don’t want people to realize that you may be hurting. Learn to take deep breaths when you feel pain from a particular region. Control your breathing patterns by inhaling and exhaling slowly to calm your nerves.

Take a walk around the office

Distract your mind from chronic pain by taking a walk to a colleague’s desk or an office corridor. Avoid remaining in one position so that your brain does not focus on the pain. Feel free to stretch out or change your sitting position once in a while. Do not give your colleagues or boss the impression that you may be idle. Ensure you do something constructive as you move around, for instance, walking towards the dispenser to get an extra glass of water or consulting something from a friend across a large room.

 Avoid self-medicating

Any kinds of drugs will only make the pain go away for few minutes. Studies reveal that using painkillers that contain opioids can have adverse effects on you. Once withdrawal symptoms start kicking in, the pain might be twice as much. Connecticut drug recovery has effective programs to help you deal with dependence on drugs and teach you better ways of managing pain.

Engage in healthy practices

Do not be too busy to take lunch no matter the workload. Your pain requires you to at least take something during lunch hours to avoid further complications. A fruit will help you get the right nutrients to facilitate quick healing.  Instead of wasting your free time focusing on pain, read a favorite piece to prevent stress. You can listen to inspiring music to calm your nerves and relieve the pain.

Avoid using too much strength at work

Avoid using too much strength at work

In as much as you may want to go on with your daily routine, as usual, putting too much force at work can accelerate the pain. Doctors recommend that you make use of fewer efforts while conducting various activities. Do not put too much pressure on your hands, shoulders or legs. Be careful not to hurt yourself as you move around or engage in projects with others. You don’t have to pretend to have everything in control. To avoid straining, you can delegate some of the problematic duties to a colleague who is willing to help out.

Engage in meditation

You can do this at work during a break by yourself or after working hours with the help of therapy. Meditation helps you relax as you concentrate on a sense different from your pain. A counselor may recommend that you draw your full attention towards a particular sense so that you don’t think about anything else. Focusing your mind on a particular sound will help you disregard any form of chronic pain.

Consider placing a green light next to your workstation

Light therapy is an effective way of managing chronic pain at work. Science reveals that waves from a portable light machine can penetrate your eyes to enable your nerves to produce useful chemicals. The elements then get into your bloodstream and calm down chronic pain. You can find a beautiful green light machine from a local store or online. Ensure that you take a break and focus on the light when you are in pain.

Ensure that your routine fits your physical needs

Overworking is not healthy for your physical condition at this stage. Do not take overtime even if you need the money because it may make the pain increase. Handle essential tasks in the morning so that your pain may not affect your performance. You can also change your schedule by walking instead of boarding public vehicles if you don’t live far from your workplace. This will help you stay fit and prevent injuries from overcrowded buses.

Make your working area as comfortable as possible

Do not hesitate to change seats if you have been using one that is not comfortable with pain. Get a chair that helps to maintain the right posture to avoid straining any body part. You can also bring a laptop to work if it will help manage work efficiently. Carry a jacket to work in case the weather changes to avoid discomfort. Do not allow environmental stressors to add to your pain.

Final thoughts

Sometimes, we have to endure pain to carry on with our daily schedules. Sitting idle until the day you recover can cost you expenses because the bills have to be paid. Implement the mechanisms above to get back to work. In case the pain is unbearable after implementing most of them, seek a second opinion from your doctor who can recommend proper medication. You can check medical product reviews here. (See also: How to Cope Physical Pain When you’re Super Busy in Your Life)

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